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Exclusive seat selection
With this app, you can find and book free seats on around 3,000 private jets and helicopters worldwide - often even cheaper than business class tickets (free for iOS and Android, jetsmarter.com).

Bye Bye Charging Cable
The electric folding bike with 250-watt motor recharges the integrated battery itself during the ride - thanks to a kinetic energy recovery system (2,900 euros, vello.bike).

Glasses for the ears
The Bluetooth sunglasses transmit music from the mobile phone via bone sound to the inside of the ear. Traffic noises thus remain audible and the hands free for cycling or climbing (approx. 100 euros).

Conjuring up sand
With this beach mat, the patented fabric structure ensures that annoying sand from the surface is simply transported through several layers under the lying surface (approx. 45 euros, cgear-sandfree.com).

Safe sunbathing
TPer UV camera, the Sunscreenr shows which areas of the skin still need sun protection. Sunscreened areas appear darkly coloured, free areas remain light (approx. 100 euros).

Barbecue made easy
The charcoal grill made of stainless steel in laptop format (29.5 x 19.3 x 2.5 cm) can be set up in a minute and with a weight of approx. 3 kg it is the ideal companion for outings (approx. 98 euros).

Cool basket
Do without cold drinks or ice cubes at a picnic? No need with the Cool Pick Teamstar - thanks to the 10-litre cooling unit and the compressor-driven 1.7-litre ice compartment, everything stays fresh (price on request, pmc-mobilekaelte.com).

The mountain calls 
The app shows a 360-degree panorama of all surrounding mountains with names and offers further information such as altitude, distance and also a "flight" to the summit with a click - all offline and worldwide (approx. 5 euros, for iOS and Android, peakfinder.org).

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