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A unique hiking experience

Those who have done it will never forget it - the unique hiking experience of crossing the Alps on the European Long Distance Trail E5: in 31 stages, over 600 kilometres and 20,000 metres of altitude, it leads from Lake Constance to Verona. A particularly beautiful section is the Alpine crossing from Oberstdorf to Merano. A classic for hiking fans.

The tour begins in a relaxed way with a few days of preparation in Oberstdorf. Then it's off. The route leads through the blooming mountain meadows of the Allgäu over the Lechtal mountains to the endless glaciers and mountain giants in the Ötztal valley and finally into sunny South Tyrol. The trail winds its way up to just below the 3,000-metre mark and into the realm of eternal snow. On the way, alpine huts await with delicious delicacies, and depending on your need for comfort, you can either spend the night in mountain huts or in inns in the valley. Numerous providers have specialised in this hiking tour and offer individual solutions.


Even though some sections can be bridged by bus or hiking taxi, the challenges of the multi-day tour should not be underestimated.

Hiking equipment

The equipment

  • Backpack with rain cover, 35 l capacity, max. load 8 kg
    Mountain boots (category BC, ankle-high)
    Cap, headband, gloves
    Rain jacket, rain trousers
    Telescopic poles
    Change of clothes
    Water bottle (drink 2-3 l/day)

Endurance and surefootedness are just as necessary as the will to persevere. When looking at the steep ascents ahead, hikers often decide they would rather abort. But those who persevere are richly rewarded. That feeling of freedom when you stand on the mountain top after a strenuous day of hiking, spreading your arms and feeling the wind in your face, is incomparable and rewards every effort!

Once you arrive in Merano, a deep sense of contentment sets in. Here you can enjoy the warmth and the pleasant southern atmosphere to the full. Treat yourself to another pleasant stay at the hotel. To be properly pampered after the exertions - Hannibal would certainly have liked that more than two thousand years ago.

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