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Ebb and flow

Every six hours, the tides alternate, forming a unique landscape in the rhythm of the tides. At low tide, the wide mudflats with mud and sand flats stretch out in front of the North Sea island of Juist, part of a sensitive ecosystem. Mudflat guide Heino, a Juist original, shows his hiking group a small mudflat worm: "It filters the bottom and excretes pure sand again. The mudflats are practically the sewage treatment plant for the seas in northern Europe." Heino has been leading tours through the mudflats for over 30 years and always explains the most important rule: never set out on a tour alone! Because the seemingly peaceful mudflats also harbour risks. Deep water-filled tideways or sudden sea fog can be dangerous without a guide.

Mudflat hike

The mudflat hike

On a guided tour it quickly becomes clear: mudflats are much more than just silt and mud. The unique flair of a hike on the seabed is an exciting experience that lingers for a long time. You immerse yourself in the home of over ten thousand different species of micro-organisms and plants. Last but not least, the endless expanse of the Wadden Sea also promises a maritime deceleration from the stress of everyday life.

Mudflat walks are offered all over the North Sea from the Netherlands to Denmark, including guided tours from island to island or to the mainland. They can last up to four hours - and you can return by boat at high tide or wait for the next low tide.

The fascinating thing about walking across the seabed: you get an eye for the small wonders of nature. Heino points to a dark shell that suddenly becomes active, opens, closes again and buries itself in the sandy bottom with a few jerky movements. The perfect place to calmly wait for the next tide.


Mudflat expert Heino Behring offers guided tours of the Juist mudflats three to four times a week during the summer months. Cost: 18 euros p. p.

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