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The Italian Riviera and the Adriatic coast - both are absolute dream destinations for travellers from all over the world. One of the most attractive ways to get to know these beautiful regions a little better is a holiday in a seaside hotel in Italy. Many Romantik Hotels & Restaurants can be found right there. What awaits you there: Rooms with sea view, stylishly furnished houses with atmosphere and attentive hosts who will make your stay an experience.

Italy's lakeside hotels: houses with unique surroundings

However, it is worth leaving your lakeside hotel in Italy for an excursion every now and then. The surroundings of the houses are unique: explore 300 kilometres of coastline in Liguria and such legendary places as Portofino and the Cinque Terre. The hinterland is characterised by the Ligurian Alps and the mountains of the Apennines. Here you will find dense forests and fantastic hiking trails such as the 440-kilometre Ligurian High Trail. Or take a stroll through nearby Genoa, the port city with one of the largest old towns in Europe. If you stay at a hotel on the Adriatic Sea, 150 kilometres of coastline await you - with beaches, famous seaside resorts like Jesolo and the impressive delta of the Po River. Venice and its lagoons are practically on your doorstep, and cultural centres such as Verona and Padua are not far away either. Active, cultural or beach holidays - everything is possible.

Enjoy Italian cuisine at the lakeside hotel

Back at your hotel, you can enjoy Italian cuisine: Ligurian specialities such as seafood, pesto alla genovese and stuffed roast veal - or the delicacies of the Veneto such as polenta, rice dishes and, of course, fish. Book your lakeside hotel in Italy - before other gourmets get the idea and snatch the room with the best sea view from under your nose.

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