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Holidays in the midst of history and nature

It must have been desolate here - fire-breathing mountains, glowing hot lava, skies shrouded in smoke. No question, 20 million years ago the Rhön was anything but the lovely low mountain landscape with its significant hilltops where we like to spend our holidays today. And yet the biosphere reserve in the border triangle of Hesse, Bavaria and Thuringia was physically created by volcanoes and millions of years of geological activity. What we are happy about today - the sparsely populated area with its striking rocky peaks is criss-crossed by many rivers and watercourses and made accessible by small country roads and hiking trails - makes the Rhön a veritable nature and outdoor paradise. Enjoy the view from the 950-metre high Wasserkuppe - and then actively immerse yourself in this diverse landscape.

Your hotel in the Rhön - book landscape and cultural experiences

The Rhön does indeed have a lot to offer: Fulda, Meiningen, Bad Kissingen and many smaller towns invite you to get to know them. Numerous castles - intact or as neat ruins - promise exciting journeys through time, which you can delve into in the small museums. And in the many remote valleys and nooks, plants and animals have found their refuges: The Rhön is very rich in species, is home to black grouse, the shy wildcat and the rare Alpine shrew - yes, really, this cute rodent is only found in the Rhön outside the Alps that give it its name.
So put enough time in your luggage and stay comfortably in a hotel in the Rhön - perhaps in one of the Romantik Hotels & Restaurants? These mostly family-run establishments combine a personal atmosphere with highly professional service. Often set in historic or architecturally unusual buildings, they are a perfect location from which to explore the Rhön by bike, by kayak, on horseback, on foot or by car. And the sophisticated in-house restaurants allow you to have your first encounters with regional culinary specialities right here in the hotel in the Rhön. Book your accommodation right here.

The night as a sight to see

Oh yes, you will certainly ask your host at least once to leave the breakfast buffet set up for as long as possible - if you want to experience the Rhön as a Dark Sky Reserve, a star park. The sparsely populated region is one of the darkest areas in Germany and bears the title of star park. This is because here, especially in spring and autumn, you can experience all the splendour and glory of a starry night sky because there is very little disturbing light pollution. Constellations and zodiacal light, cosmic gas clouds and distant galaxies can be observed impressively - you won't be able to tear yourself away from them so quickly. And you'll want to sleep in the next morning at your hotel in the Rhön.
So, the best time to go to the Rhön is at new moon. Enchanting landscapes, rare plants and animals, friendly people and delicious food await you...

Romantik Hotel Schubert

Romantik Hotel Goldener Karpfen

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