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Hotel in Lower Rhine

Idyll on the waterfront

The flat green land between the Rhine, the Waal and the Maas surprises with a variety of leisure activities, great sights and idyllic tranquillity. And there is something else you can look forward to on your holiday in the Lower Rhine - a Romantik Hotels & Restaurants establishment.

Cycle paths, Romans, Rhine meadows

The Lower Rhine is North Rhine-Westphalia's western border region with the Netherlands - the state capital Düsseldorf is located in this region, as are the industrial cities of Duisburg, Leverkusen and Mönchengladbach. Despite its proximity to the Rhine/Ruhr conurbation, the Lower Rhine is an excellent - and quiet - holiday destination. The area is one of the most popular cycling regions in Germany - after all, it has the longest signposted network of cycle paths in the republic. The Rhine Cycle Route, for example, leads through a rural idyll with dreamy river meadows. On the Via Romana between Nijmegen and Xanten you can follow in the footsteps of the ancient Romans. You can hike in the Lower Rhine region on stages of three cross-border long-distance hiking trails between Germany and the Netherlands, on the Pieterpad and on two St. James' paths. The paths lead through unspoilt nature and past castles, fortresses, mills and rivers. Cultural highlights in the vicinity of your hotel on the Lower Rhine are Moers Castle, the former moated castle of the Counts of Moers and the Great Market in Wesel with the historic town hall façade and the basilica of the late Gothic Willibrordi Cathedral. Xanten looks back on a history of over 2000 years: today, the Archaeological Park, which includes the partially reconstructed Roman settlement, and the amphitheatre in Birten bear witness to the Roman past.

Holiday in the moated castle

Your hotel on the Lower Rhine also welcomes you within walls steeped in history: Stay, for example, in an old moated castle with a spacious castle park and in-house golf course or in a magnificent 200-year-old farmhouse on the historic village square. Sit back, enjoy gourmet cuisine, a good drop from the wine cellar or a freshly tapped Pilsner. Take time out without having to travel long distances - book a hotel on the Lower Rhine.

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