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Tour suggestions - Bicycle tours Volkach & surroundings

Thanks to its beautiful nature between numerous vineyards, the Mainschleife is perfect for great bike tours along the Main. The Romantik Hotel Zur Schwane in Volkach has put together three varied tours for you.

Tour suggestion 1: The Volkach Main Loop Tour

The Volkach Main Loop Tour is a cycling tour for real wine and nature connoisseurs. Starting in Volkach near the new Main bridge, the first stage takes you to the other side of the Main. Then it goes up to Vogelsburg Castle, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Main Loop and the surrounding area. Continue cycling along the famous Eschendorfer Lump vineyard until you later reach Neuses am Berg via the second longer climb of the tour through the vineyards. Highlights of this bike tour also include the pilgrimage church Maria im Sand and the museum "Pilgrims and Pilgrimages".


Tour suggestion 2: Shell limestone and alabaster

The Shell Limestone and Alabaster Cycle Tour is a longer tour that can also be divided into two or three stages. Take a total of about three days or take it easy. One stage of the cycle route starts about 500 metres from Volkach and follows great signposting with signs and kilometre markings. On the Mainschleife near Volkach, the vines grow mainly on shell limestone. When you reach the Steigerwald, the vines grow mainly on gypsum keuper, which is partly interspersed with alabaster. 


Tour suggestion 3: Cycling tour through the Maindreieck

On the idyllic cycle tour through the Maindreieck, cyclists follow the course of the Maindreieck. Passing small charming winegrowing villages, the atmosphere here is very special. The tour originally starts at Mainberg above Schweinfurt. This is also where the Maindreieck itself originated. The Main changes its course at this point and makes a swing towards the south. Enjoy the small wine villages and be inspired by the regional culinary offerings of the villages along the way.



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