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Gin Cumquat Cocktail

The Asian citrus fruit adds a unique, summery touch to his cocktail. The bitterness of the kumquat, coupled with its sweetness, which is somewhat reminiscent of tangerine, makes it the perfect ingredient for a refreshing summer drink. Gin is an excellent base because, unlike other spirits, it is very light and can be combined in a variety of ways.


"Many guests tell us that they have seen the fruit before, but don't know exactly how to use it," says the cocktail connoisseur. He got the inspiration for his summer cocktail during a year-long stay in China, the home of kumquats. So that not only his guests in Stavelot (Belgium) can enjoy this creation, the cocktail wizard has revealed his recipe to us.

Preparation of the Gin cumquat cocktail

  • Cumquat Infused Gin: 45 ml
  • Grand Marnier: 20 ml
  • Fresh lime juice: 15 ml
  • Simple sirup: 15 ml


Mix all ingredients with ice in a shaker. Garnish with cumquats and mint leaves according to taste.

Kumquat Infused Gin: Cut cumquats into small pieces and steep in gin for at least two days.


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