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Start of the barbecue season

He loves the classic - and he stands by it! That's why André Greul first talks about sausage and how it tastes best. The barbecue expert talks about what is probably the most common barbecue food sizzled over coals in this country with the same enthusiasm as he talks about smoked beef brisket or fine steaks shortly afterwards. "You can throw the sausage on the grill like you used to do at the quarry pond, pour beer over it and then dip it thickly in mustard," he says. "But then you're missing out on a pleasure that a bratwurst can offer just as much as a good piece of meat. Mustard is okay - but please just a tiny touch and never so much that you can't taste any of the filling. The filling must be of high quality and the crust must be tender. But how to get that right, how to grill a sausage properly - you have to learn that too."

Salad tip from a professional

The tip for an unusual salad is called: black cabbage salad or braised cabbage salad. Take a normal head of cabbage and grill it over indirect heat at 180 degrees until it has a core temperature of 80 to 90 degrees. Then take it out of the grill and remove the outer, now black layers. Leave the inside to cool and you have a highly aromatic cabbage as the basis for a delicious braised cabbage salad.

With him, for example. André Greul (53) is a host at the Romantik Hotel Fürstenhof in Landshut, a chef and known for his creative wizardry at the grill. For more than ten years he has been giving courses for beginners and advanced cooks.

When it comes to barbecuing, the trend - despite all the vegetarian or vegan hype - continues to go towards meat, with a growing variety. The "American barbecue style" is on the rise: spare ribs, pulled pork or beef brisket, the brisket cooked at a low temperature in the smoker. In America, there is traditionally a lot of meat on the grill. However, barbecue experts advise the opposite: eat less meat and pay even more attention to quality. Because even the best griller cannot make a good steak from a bad piece of meat.

Grilling on a stainless steel plate

Different types of barbecue

Many niches have formed on the growing barbecue market. "Plancha" was the magic word last year, the popular way of grilling on a stainless steel plate in Spain. Aromatic woods were also suddenly en vogue. This year rotisserie will make a big comeback. Grilling on a skewer - manufacturers offer special attachments for meat and vegetables. The food is cooked gently and evenly by the rotating movement.

Another exciting variation: the so-called B-cuts - steaks from the shoulder or belly area such as kidney cones or flank steak. Especially here, good results can only be expected with a high quality of meat.

Barbecue with lid

Tips for barbecuing:

Important tip for hobby barbecuers and professionals: A lid is a must for a good barbecue. Why is the bonnet over the embers so important? Without a lid, the heat only comes from below. With a lid, on the other hand, the desired temperature is also reached above the food. That's why the distance to the coals can be greater - the meat doesn't dry out. In addition, the lid and grill base have a ventilation opening that lets in only as much oxygen as the embers need. This amount is so small that no open flame can develop if, for example, fat drips into the embers. This prevents the meat from burning.

With a lid, the grill practically turns into a kind of oven in which long cooking processes are possible. Despite all the trends: barbecuing is always a wonderful communal experience. Invite friends over, talk shop about the right temperature, look into the embers and dream. Be together and enjoy - just like in the past with a barbecue and sausage at the quarry pond.

Coal or gas?

For some barbecuers, it's almost a question of fate: Which is better - a charcoal or a gas barbecue? Many barbecue experts are relaxed about it: If you have a good gas grill and know how to use it, there is hardly any difference in taste to a charcoal grill. It depends more on the 'personality' of the griller. If you don't want to make a lot of effort, gas is better for you. The other type is the one with the 'old grill genes'. They love to grill in a variety of ways and experiment. But he has to know his charcoal grill well and master his craft. Then charcoal grilling is more demanding than sizzling on a gas grill. To generalise: gas is easier, charcoal more exciting and closer to the good old campfire.

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