Get on the board: trend sport Stand Up Paddling

Nowadays, stand up paddlers can be seen on almost every body of water. A light breeze, the calming effect of the lake and the easy, relaxed movement of paddling - you just have to love this sport. Stand Up Paddling skilfully combines sport and recreation and can be mastered by all levels of athletes. Whether relaxed paddling on beautiful summer days or even as an effective workout such as with yoga and fitness exercises on board - there is something here for every water sports fan.

With its fantastic location directly on Lake Zurich, the Romantik Seehotel Sonne is the ideal starting point for a beautiful stand-up paddling tour. The hotel offers this possibility to its guests and enables a comfortable entry into the water via the hotel's own garden directly at the lake. Take in the fantastic lake panorama and experience a new side of Lake Zurich here. Host Catherine Julen-Grüter knows what Stand Up Paddling is all about and has a few tips that every Stand Up Paddler should bear in mind. After all, as with any other sport, there are a few rules to follow at sea:


On lakes, there are usually quite a few "fellow users". Therefore, caution is always advised and keeping your distance is a high priority. Also due to the length of the board, which cannot always be perfectly judged, a distance of 5 metres to swimmers, objects of any kind and other paddlers must be kept. The distance to boats and ships becomes even more important: The rule here is that a distance of at least 50 metres ensures safe paddling fun and prevents you from capsizing due to the waves caused by ships. On Lake Zurich, so-called tug fishermen can be easily recognised by the colour of the ball on their boat: If the ball is white or yellow, a minimum distance of 50 metres must be maintained, as with other boats.


Stand Up Paddling can be practised alone or in a group. As with any other sport, it is important to act considerately. When in contact with ships, boats and ferries, always observe: These always have the right of way. This should not be a problem, however, as stand up paddling is usually a leisurely activity and the focus is on having fun and enjoying the beautiful surrounding nature.


Of course, the best time to paddle is in pleasant summer temperatures. In colder weather, however, nothing stands in the way of this beautiful sport. However, caution is advised and a wetsuit should always be worn when the water temperature is below 15 degrees. If you fall off the board, the cold water can cause muscle failure. Therefore, always remain cautious and do not overestimate yourself or your own perception of the cold.

With these helpful tips, nothing will stand in the way of your next Stand Up Paddling tour. Look forward to relaxing and at the same time active hours on the water and let the dreamlike atmosphere of sun, lake and nature take effect on you.