Welcome to the Romantik Hotel & Tavern Schwan, which has been a meeting place for the inhabitants of Horgen since 1466.

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Bootsausflug Rapperswil
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Kloster Einsiedeln
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Lindt Home of Chocolate
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Hoellgrotten Baar
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Ambience at the Romantik Hotel & Taverne Schwan

Horgen has been a junction of the north-south axis since 1230. This long period of time has left its mark on the town's history and has allowed it to move with the times economically.

The versatile village on Lake Zurich fulfils metropolitan needs as well as the desire for comfort and tranquillity due to its proximity to Zurich. The Dorfgasse is car-free and is part of the historic village center. From the busy village center with training centers and seminar facilities to the nature conservation and recreation area, simply everything is available.

Popular destinations

  • Steamboat trip to Rapperswil 0.30 km
  • Käpfnach Mine 1.50 km
  • Lindt Home of Chocolate 8.00 km
  • Höllgrotten Baar 17.00 km
  • Einsiedeln Monastery 24.00 km