At the foot of Parsberg Castle, this hotel – once a butcher’s and guesthouse – has developed into a magnet for gourmets over the years.

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Castle Parsberg
Castle Parsberg
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Overlooking Nuremberg | © Stadt Nürnberg
Overlooking Nuremberg | © Stadt Nürnberg
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Castle Parsberg
Castle Parsberg
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Castle Parsberg
Castle Parsberg
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Ambience at the Romantik Hotel Hirschen

Ideally located between Nuremberg and Regensburg, the Romantik Hotel Hirschen offers an ideal starting point for discovering the area.

The Parsberg Castle
The Parsberg Castle Museum presents the lives of people from the Neumarkt-Parsberg-Regensburg region through the centuries in three focal areas on approximately 1200 square meters, prepared for museum education.

The King Otto stalactite cave
This is considered one of the most beautiful stalactite caves in Germany. It has a total length of 450 meters, 270 meters of which can be walked on in a 30-40 minute tour. The cave was discovered by the shepherd Peter Federl on September 30, 1895, on the name day of the Bavarian king Otto, hence the name. In Advent 1972 another, previously unknown part of the cave - the Advent Hall - was discovered, later opened up from the main cave and also made generally accessible.

8.3 miles from Parsberg

Artist location Kallmünz
The painter and professor Charles Johann Palmié, who had traveled from Munich, chose a newly opened inn in Kallmünz as his home during the summer holidays in 1901. He also gave the tavern the name "Zur Roten Amsel" and illustrated his facade with his friends from Munich al fresco. Palmié called Kallmünz the "Pearl of the Naab Valley". Kallmünz soon became a landscape-inspiring attraction for painters, who came here in increasing numbers and sometimes also settled permanently. As early as 1901, the artist colony numbered 38 painters. Kallmünz became best known through the several weeks' stay of Wassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Münter in the summer of 1903. Kandinsky then developed a new style of painting with which he turned away from figurative painting and turned to the abstract art of "color sounds" (as he put it).

Today there are some galleries that show the works of local artists as well as those of guest artists. Another artist and art sponsor who is involved in the entire region and especially in Kallmünz is Ludwig Bäuml, who has been working in Kallmünz since 1989.

22.8 km from Parsberg

The nature reserve "Weltenburger Enge" with the impressive Danube breakthrough
In 2020 it was awarded the "First National Natural Monument in Bavaria". Experience the breakthrough of the Danube from the water - relaxed on board an excursion boat or on a boat hiking tour. If you prefer to have solid ground under your feet, you can also explore the unique nature reserve on foot or by bike.

Afterwards, a visit to the beautiful beer garden of Weltenburg Abbey is worthwhile.

35.8 km to Kelheim (ship's place)

Weltenburg Abbey
The monasteries had been serving guests - pilgrims, craftsmen, visitors (in Weltenburg also fishermen and boatmen) - for ages. However, the first license for a pub in Weltenburg was not applied for until 1826 in the then secularized monastery.

42 km from Parsberg

Just 30 minutes by train from Parsberg or by car via the A3.

After a walk through the city with many small streets and a walk through the Regensburg Cathedral, it is advisable to make a short stop at the historic sausage kitchen and eat a bratwurst roll there. Located on the Danube with a view of the Stone Bridge, you can experience many sights at the same time and enjoy Regensburg flair.

If there is still enough time and you are interested in national monuments, a visit to the Walhalla can be made. It lies on a slight hill in Donaustauf, which guarantees a magnificent view.

Not to forget the Thurn und Taxis Castle in Regensburg. In 1993, the Bavarian National Museum acquired numerous high-quality works of art owned by the Princely House of Thurn and Taxis. Since 1998 these outstanding works have been exhibited in the former stables of the St. Emmeram Palace. Visitors experience the artistically unique works in their original functional context.

There is a set table with an extensive porcelain service from the 18th century, a boudoir with the staging of a rococo dressing table and a complete Biedermeier salon.

45.4 km from Parsberg

Only 40 minutes by train from Parsberg and in your own car via the A3 in 60 minutes.

A city with many highlights - Nuremberg's imperial castle, the underground Nuremberg, main market, Dürermusemum and the zoo. There is a lot to discover.

72.6 km from Parsberg

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