Behind the thick walls of this historic tower, guests will be delighted by the beauty of the antique furniture, the comfortable rooms and the restaurant’s fish and seafood specialities.

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Ambience at the Romantik Hotel Auberge de Campveerse Toren

Veere, coastal town with a long history

The history of the Romantik Hotel Auberge de Campveerse Toren at the harbor is closely connected to that of the old fortified town of Veere.
The tower of Auberge de Campveerse Toren was built between 1358 and 1380. The town right of Veere dates from this period. The tower was part of the fortifications that made the fortress with other towers. On the opposite side of the port entrance was the so-called ‘Kruittoren’.
The two towers can still be seen in the city coat of arms.
When the city became a hub for Scottish wool in the 16th century, Veere flourished. At that time a Scottish colony also settled in Veere, which had its own administration.

In the last century, many well-known painters came to the area - attracted by the enchanting light of the Zeeland islands. The picturesque sight of the town of Veere gave a lot of inspiration.
Well-known artists spent the summer months in Auberge de Campveerse Toren. Such as Henri Cassiers, Anton Pieck, Walter Vaes, Le Fauconnier en Charley Toorop.

The members of the royal family were also pampered here with culinary delights and even foreign princes found the hotel, such as Prince Reinier of Monaco.
The once mighty Veere is now a beautiful tourist town on the Veerse Meer. The richly laden ships from Scotland have nowadays been replaced by fancy yachts in the port.

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