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Enjoy the Mediterranean weather

The lush green of the mountains complements the blue of Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano to create a harmonious picture. The setting sun gently bathes the landscape in warm light. Enjoy the end of your holiday in Ticino on the summit of Monte San Salvatore, which overlooks Lake Lugano. The viewpoint can be reached by cable car or on foot, for example from the artists' village of Carona, now a district of Lugano, where you will find one of the exclusive Romantik Hotels & Restaurants. On the way to your hotel in Ticino, you will discover the special charm of nature when gentian blossoms on the mountain and camellia in the valley. Palm trees and cypresses flourish around the lakes, and nowhere else in Switzerland can you find so many sweet chestnuts.

Holidays in Ticino: popular with artists

A landscape as if painted: This is probably why Switzerland's southernmost canton has become a popular holiday destination for artists of all stripes. Wassily Kandinsky, Alexej von Jawlensky, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and Käthe Kruse spent their holidays in Ticino time and again. Hermann Hesse found the inspiration for his story "Klingsor's Last Summer" here. The writer chose the small town of Montagnola as his new home; artist friends and writers such as Thomas Mann, Bertolt Brecht and Stefan Zweig were frequent guests there. In the Casa Camuzzi, where Hesse lived from 1919 to 1931, a museum today commemorates the Nobel Prize winner for literature. Ascona on Lake Maggiore was and still is a popular summer resort for writers and artists. Ascona developed from a fishing village into a holiday resort and, with the Castello Seeschloss, offers one of the hotels in Ticino with the most interesting history.

Enjoyment in a restaurant or hotel: Ticino culinary delights

On holiday in Ticino, you can learn a lot of little-known facts. For example, that rice is grown in Ascona, in the northernmost rice field in the world. The grains are particularly suitable for delicious risotto. But the corn dish polenta is much more widespread in Ticino and is available in all varieties. It goes well with cheese, mortadella and salami, but is also served with fresh milk. In upscale cuisine, quail stuffed with raw ham or river perch straight from Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano are appreciated. Serve with a red wine from the region; Merlot is the predominant grape grown in Ticino. Book your hotel in Ticino right here!

Romantik Hotel Castello Seeschloss

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