Dare to do something new and be happy.

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If we know that our time on earth is limited, should not happiness come first? unfortunately, it is not that easy in these times but should still be our highest priority. Moments of happiness are not only good for our body but are also an important catalyst for a clear and healthy mind. How do you achieve that? Through relaxation and having the courage to try some­thing new. Coach Nicole Staudinger and neuroscientist Volker Busch report on their experiences and share practical tips for a life of fulfilment.

Bestselling author Nicole Staudinger

Ms Staudinger, you are the author of six bestsellers, an entrepreneur and a TV presenter, but suffered a heavy blow when you were still very young. Are you nonetheless happy how your life has turned out?

Yes, very much so. I know, it may look different from the outside, but I would not want to do anything differently. Although cancer definitely does not make you happy, I am still grateful for the experience.

Do you believe that courage is ­essential for a happy life?

That depends a bit on how people define courage for themselves. I always ask myself the question, “What could possibly go wrong?” And if the answer is “you will not harm anyone”, “you will not get into debt” or “it is not life-threatening”, then I do it. If that is courage, then it makes me happier.

Nicole Staudinger and her book “Von jetzt auf Glück” (“Happiness from now on”)

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