Frisian Freedom

Borkum and Juist | East Frisia

Islands with healing power: the sound of the sea, dunes and no cars as far as the eye can see.

Mornings cannot get much more pleasurable than waking to the sound of clopping hooves at seven in the morning. That is everyday life on Juist, for transport here is not by car, but by horse. And nobody misses the car when they are here on holiday. Instead, there is just the endless horizon, the sea, the wind and the reeds. Not to be missed is a walk across the mudflats – preferably, with mudflats guide Heino, who has many great stories to tell. And to get a real sense of the fine, almost white sand on this North Sea island, you are best off going barefoot. A free massage for your feet!

The Romantik Hotel Achterdiek awaits you with a view of the tidal flats right behind the dyke.
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Culinary delights from the sea await you on both islands – slowing down and indulgence are both on the menu here.

Lately, Borkum has been promoting itself as an “Island for Allergy Sufferers”, mainly because of its geographic location. Borkum lies 30 km off  the mainland and thus boasts an ocean climate. After just a few days breathing the salty sea air, allergy sufferers who are here on holiday find they no longer need their asthma inhaler.
Both islands are officially recognised as thalassotherapy spas and bear the quality seal of the European Testing Institute for Wellness and Spa. In contrast to Juist, Borkum has a range of mobility options to offer, not least the island train, which shuttles back and forth between the harbour  and the town centre.