Romantik Seehotel Sonne

Familie René Grüter und Catherine Julen Grüter

Seestraße 120
CH-8700 Küsnacht
Tel: +41 (44) 9141818
Fax: +41 (44) 9141800

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If you are flexible in your holiday planning, we recommend to arrive on a Sunday, because on Sundays, we offer the best rate of the week.

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Situated directly on Lake Zurich and only 10 minutes from the city itself, the Hotel Sonne has been performing its romantic magic since 1641. The current owners have added the latest in modern comfort, creating a wonderfully atmosphere for guests. The historic ballroom, the cosy lounges, the sun gallery and 70 original paintings and sculptures (by Andy Warhol amongst others) offer an irresistible invitation to visit Küsnacht. And rounding out the offering of this superb hotel is the creative European cuisine.

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from 192 CHF
from 226 CHF
40 rooms


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