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Manor: Holidays like straight from the pages of a storybook

A beautifully-maintained manor surrounded by a picturesque landscape is the perfect place to relax for a few days. When you book a country house hotel, the journey into fairyland can begin. Instead of evil stepmothers and envious sisters, obliging spirits await you to satisfy your every wish. The lord of the manor is often a witty host, who can tell anecdotes and legends from the holiday accommodation’s history around the fire at night or in the castle courtyard at sunset. Many a house has had an eventful history, has witnessed emperors and kings come and go, was a secret meeting place for lovers – and is now a Romantic Hotel & Restaurant.

Refined hospitality in the manor

In country house hotels, old walls now serve modern purposes. Where stock was once kept in dark vault cellars, barkeepers are serving elegant cocktails. The castle guards’ quarter in the tower is an elegant honeymoon suite, perfect for an eternal bond of matrimony. One thing is certain: when you book a manor, you enjoy an individual holiday. No manor is like the other.

There are the baroque water castles in the Münsterland region, for instance. On the banks of the Elbe, Rhine or Weser, medieval castles tower above the river valleys. The lords of the manors’ building styles differ significantly as well. Some country house hotels receive their guests from behind 1,000 year-old walls. Others were originally elegant manors, in which landed gentry managed their estates in impressive rooms.

Manors: History and Cuisine

Spending a holiday in a castle also means living a bit like a king – delicacies included. The staff in the kitchen and cellar caters for their guests like servants once did for the lords of the manor. Regional specialties are served in the shady castle courtyard or in the orangery. Particularly popular are themed dinners with court jesters and minstrels or murder mystery evenings in the manor, where guests chase criminals under the cover of darkness. There are also hoteliers who ironically call their fitness room for the sports program after such indulgence the „torture chamber”. If you book a country house hotel here straight right away, a special holiday experience is guaranteed!

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