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Wellness in Austrian style

Hiking and wellness in Austria - always a special treat. Climb through dense forests and over lush green alpine pastures to the summit and enjoy the view. Back in the valley, enhance your well-being in the spa: that's how a holiday goes. Relax after a mountain tour in your wellness hotel in Austria. This includes a few laps in the pool with mountain views. In summer you swim outside in the greenery and in winter in the indoor pool with panoramic windows. A special experience is offered by the Weisse Rössl, which has a whirlpool floating in Lake Wolfgang. At Hotel Gmachl near Salzburg, the fireplace is heated in the indoor pool next to the infinity pool. You have a view of the surroundings in a wellness hotel in Austria not only when swimming. Also from the sauna and the relaxation areas of many Romantik Hotels & Restaurants you can look out into the open and let the alpine landscape take effect on you.

Quenching bath and hay pack

Many treatments and facilities in Austria's wellness hotels are adapted to the region. Packs made of herbs and hay from mountain meadows are just as much a source of well-being as procedures that have been known for centuries, such as the Brechlbad. Originally, flax and hemp were dried at 60 degrees. The restorative effect of heat and the mist of the drying plants was used by the farmers as a side effect. Typical of wellness in Austria is also the stone pine sauna, where the heat releases the essential oils of the stone pine. A highlight is, of course, when guests can jump into the Aussee to cool off after their sauna session, as is possible in the Altaussee.

Diverse relaxation treatments at the wellness hotel in Austria

In addition to the typical regional wellness programme, Austria's wellness hotels also offer the best of the wide range of treatments from all over the world. Hawaiian massage, hot stone, Ayurveda: wellness in Austria is international and versatile. And of course there are also spa packages specially tailored to couples, beauty treatments for the modern man and even families. You see: There is a lot to be said for a holiday in a wellness hotel in Austria, you can book your romantic hotel in the Alpine Republic right here.

Romantik Spa Hotel Elixhauser Wirt

Romantik SPA Hotel Seefischer am See

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