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A landscape like a mirror to the soul for all those seeking peace and relaxation: Located just south of the hectic Ruhr area, the Sauerland with its nature, its lovely mountain ranges and valleys radiates tranquillity at first sight. Here - you can feel it immediately - you can shift down a gear, recharge your batteries, come to yourself. The wellness hotels in the Sauerland support this time-out for the self with suitable wellness offers. Perhaps you will already feel on your first visit that the Sauerland has a magic all of its own: Hills and lowlands alternate, narrow country roads connect the villages, everywhere there is bustle but no hectic - just the right environment to find peace, slow down and escape the stress of everyday life. Just as you enjoy periods of rest after arriving here at the wellness hotel in Sauerland and then feel tempted again to explore the nature, culture and culinary delights of the region.

Wellness hotel in the Sauerland - your time-out for the self

Wellness in the Sauerland - that also means: the relaxation and pampering programme in the hotels is complemented and extended by the many opportunities to be active in nature - whether in hiking boots, on a bike, in a kayak or on horseback. The numerous lakes invite you to swim in summer, and in many places you can play a game of golf. Lots of outdoor exercise enhances the beneficial effects of the wellness treatments in your wellness hotel. Let yourself fall gently - entrust yourself to sensitive, trained hands that will pamper you with massages, warm towels, hot stones, oil pours and herbal baths. Enjoy the soothing effects of light and sound - beauty farms, spas and bathing landscapes invite you to do so. In the Romantik Hotels & Restaurants, the wellness offers are checked for their quality and marked with the hotel association's own seal.

Indulgence is part of wellness in the Sauerland

In the evening, the relaxation programme continues - in the cosy atmosphere of your wellness hotel in the Sauerland, where you will be spoilt with healthy dishes and regional specialities and perhaps end the day with a sauna session or meditation in the peace and quiet of your room. Or you can treat yourself to a glass of wine by the fireplace or a drink in the hotel bar - because wellness is all about enjoyment, it should always be fun too. Relax and get fit again, that's what you can do in a perfect and most pleasant way at a wellness in the Sauerland. You too can recharge your batteries. Book a Romantik wellness hotel in the Sauerland right here!

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