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Adventure holiday at the North Sea

Those who fancy a holiday with their best friends usually have adventure in mind. With the often rough weather and the many sporting activities where you can let off steam, the North Sea Schleswig-Holstein is made for this.

Water and beach sports in St. Peter-Ording

The North Sea offers excellent conditions for surfing and kiting. When the wind is strong, the high waves make for unforgettable experiences. On the Ordinger beach in St. Peter-Ording, a special area has been set aside for water sports enthusiasts. Here you will also find the X-H20 water sports centre, where taster courses in kitesurfing, windsurfing and SUP are offered for beginners and advanced surfers.

Action fans can power kite along the beach while riding a kite buggy. Kitebuggy driving has been popular in Germany since the late 1990s. The three-wheeled vehicle is steered with the front wheel. With it, you can jet across the beach, take curves, feel the wind and the fresh North Sea air. In St. Peter-Ording, this great sport can easily be learned while on holiday. Under professional and competent guidance, the St. Peter Ording kite buggy riding school offers various courses.

So-called beach sailing can also be learned in St. Peter-Ording. Beach sailing cars have three wheels, are steered with the feet and propelled by a sail. This allows them to reach speeds of over 100 kilometres per hour. On the 12-kilometre-long sandy beach, the conditions for this are unique in the world. The bottom is smooth and firm, the wind conditions are ideal, but at the same time the terrain remains challenging because the conditions can change again and again due to natural conditions.

At the Nordsport-Events beach sailing school, guests can try out this very special sailing sport for themselves.


Model making and a cold beer on the Eiderstedt peninsula

A nice destination for friends of model railways is Schleswig-Holstein's largest show layout in the historic Dutch town of Friedrichsstadt. The model railway will delight not only small but also large locomotive drivers.

For beer drinkers, a visit to the "Kajüte 1876" bar in Friedrichstadt is recommended afterwards. The history of beer in Friedrichstadt goes back a long way, but it is still alive in the Kajüte: the "1621- das Bier für Friedrichstadt" is not brewed locally according to Friedrichstadt recipes, but it is brewed in Hamburg. "1621" is a North German Pilsner, a bit quaffable, but also tart with citrus notes and tastes best on site on a relaxed evening with a view of the canals.

"Hayride & Dinner" on the island of Föhr

In the northwest of the island of Föhr in the small village of Dunsum, "Hinrichsens Familienfarm" offers "Hayride & Dinner" on selected dates. In addition to a delicious steak dinner or smoker buffet, the programme includes a hayride through the Föhr marsh with feeding of the herd and information on animal husbandry and breed. In addition, real guys can enjoy themselves in the farm restaurant during regular opening hours: Delicious dishes, burgers, steaks ... all made with high-quality organic meat from the farm's own animals and 100% handmade. The burger buns are baked fresh daily according to the farm's own recipe by the Rosteck bakery from Utersum. Very tasty also as cheeseburger or vegetarian with sheep's cheese.

In addition, not only the little guests can try out various leisure activities at Hinrichsen's family farm. There is also fun and games for the grown-ups: Swing golf on 50,000 m² of land with nine holes and a length of 110-290m, for example. Or safely hole the ball over obstacles at football golf. The course with 12 individual holes is not only fun for football players. Funballz also offer a lot of recreational fun. Everyone slips into a large, transparent, inflatable ball and then the fun can begin: Kicking football, fighting, scuffling and shoving are all allowed, as the ball serves as a protective cover. It's especially fun when you play together with a larger group.

New to the programme since the beginning of the 2019 season: distillery tours with an insight into whisky production: from grain cultivation to processing to the finished product. And of course the whisky can be tasted afterwards. 


Husum: For seadogs and those who want to become one

A visit to the "Schiffahrtsmuseum Nordfriesland" (North Frisia Maritime Museum) directly at Husum harbour will turn any landlubber into a sea bear. Between countless ship models and maritime exhibits, not only the scent of the wide world wafts through the air, but also the desire for (sea) adventure is awakened. Don't miss the "sugar ship", the wreck of a 400-year-old cargo sailing vessel, which was salvaged near Uelvesbüll in 1996.

Right next door in the spa of the "Thomas Hotel", also centrally located at the harbour, you can really relax with a face mask. The skin is revitalised and refreshed by algae extracts, among other things.

For a nightcap in Husum, we recommend the "Einstein": founded in 1985 as a pub, it has grown continuously. One of the highlights of the establishment is the selection of drinks: in addition to five beers on tap, there are about 35 different types of premium rum and about 200 open bottles of malt whisky. Particularly popular are the regular whisky and rum tastings, where expertise and fun are not neglected.

Bike & Bow on the island of Sylt

The guided e-bike tour "Bike & Bow" with the Sylt Storm Fleet takes you from Westerland across the Rantum Basin to the grounds of the "Youksakka Bow & Funcompany" in Tinnum. There you will build your own bow under guidance. In the course, experienced bow makers will pass on the basics of traditional and medieval bow making in a lively and practical way.

You will be taught how to build a bow from a prepared manau blank using tools such as rasps, scraper blades and sandpaper, which is individually adapted to your own shot. The finished bow is then sealed with the in-house oil mixture to give it a beautiful finish. Afterwards, the participants are shown which arrows are best suited to the new bow, with three wooden arrows including the bow going home with them. Finally, the handling of the bow is practised in shooting practice on an archery range equipped with numerous targets. The way back leads via Keitum and Munkmarsch back to the Sturmflotte in Westerland.


Büsum: Adventure, culinary delights and plenty of North Sea to experience and chill out on

Discover the North Sea from above on a sightseeing flight, have a go-kart race on the Nordseering or explore the region by (e-)bike - a holiday in Büsum means forgetting everyday life and enjoying time with your best friend. You can also enjoy freshly caught crabs and delicious fish dishes here. And if your stomach is more craving for meat, Büsum's restaurants even offer a juicy steak or homemade burgers, among other things. Those who like can set sail and land their own fish while deep-sea fishing with the MS Blauort and prepare them in the evening at the barbecue sites on the Watt'n Insel Perlebucht. For those who prefer a more relaxed approach, the Grill & Chill every Friday in June, July and August from 6 pm on Watt'n Island in the Perlebucht family lagoon at the 360 GRAD Bar with a view of the seemingly endless UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea is just the thing. There's something for everyone here: chill out and party in the sunset with suitable music from the DJ. Then it's time to reminisce over a sundowner by the North Sea.


Further travel tips can be found at www.nordseetourismus.de

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