Romantik starts job platform with applicant-management and talent pool

(14 January 2019) In order to support the more than 200 hotels and restaurants of the group in recruitment and HR Marketing at the best, Romantik goes on the offensive: The cooperation developed a game-changing job portal for the hotel industry and the gastronomy. Under the all-round solution offers the Romantik hosts among job advertisements the possibility to digitalize the application process and allows the access to the Europe-wide talent pool of the cooperation.

“We do not only want to yield more guests for the hotels and restaurants but now we also provide a contemporary way for our hosts to find the right employees. Besides modern technology, we focus at 'Romantikjobs' of course on the power of the brand Romantik, too”, rejoices Thomas Edelkamp, the chairman of the cooperation.

Effective applicant-management with Romantik

With the new portal the almost 200 Romantik Hotels and almost 250 Romantik Restaurants get the chance to advertise new job vacancies directly on the website. Useful templates support the creation of the job advertisement which can be published from there onto different regional job portals or portals with industry specification as well.

Furthermore, the new tool allows the hoteliers and restaurateurs to digitally process the entire applicant management: “We endow the Romantikers with the newest tools to digitally reproduce all processes from the job advertisement to the applicant data management to the final employee choice – just like applicants expect today”, explains Edelkamp.

New services for the Romantik Hotels and Restaurants

Romantik performs here also as a service provider for the hotels and restaurants. The cooperation offers hosts to design and publish their job advertisements and to take control of the entire handling of the application process. “With this step we broaden our services for hoteliers and restaurateurs and create further additional value through a custom-made range of services around the complete marketing and positioning of the hotels and restaurants”, says Edelkamp. 

Europe-wide talent pool

Romantik will rely on a Europe-wide talent pool in the future to be able to occupy open posts faster and more efficiently. All applications will be collected here that accrue in the almost 250 hotels or restaurants. “If one candidate is not chosen in one house, the application might fit in another hotel, in another region or in another country perfectly. When you apply at Romantik today, you apply not only in one hotel or restaurant anymore, but you have the chance to find a dream job at the consolidated brand in nine countries”, says Edelkamp.

Moreover, the portal keeps valuable information for pupils, students and career changers at hand. The current HR-Marketing-offensive of Romantik is complemented by an attractive brochure, events in the hotels and cooperation with hotel management and vocational schools in the Romantik countries.

Caption: Romantik goes on the offensive: The cooperation presents a game-changing job portal at

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