Brand campaign on TV and online: Romantik turns guests into explorers

(Frankfurt, 30 August 2017) “explore ROMANTIK“: With a pan-European marketing campaign on TV, on the internet and social media platforms, Romantik Hotels & Restaurants opens its brand to a new target group and puts the focus on the guests, their wishes, dreams and emotions. The brand with its 200 premium hotels in nine European countries launches a communication campaign that is unique for family-run hotels, starting with primetime TV spots on ARD, one of Germany’s leading public channels. Overall, Romantik aims at reaching more than 40 million potential guests until November, also through banner placements in well-known online media. A variety of activities in social media, such as Facebook, Youtube and a photography contest on Instagram, will round off the campaign. The brand website ( has been completely revised, and additional functions have been added. Each Romantik hotelier has the chance to become part of the campaign and promote their offers under the roof of “explore ROMANTIK “.

Romantik shows what travellers are nowadays looking for: individual experiences, local culture and joie-de-vivre

“The Romantik brand is characterised by the variety and individuality of its hotels. For generations, the 200 hotels have been offering their guests an enormous scope of travel experiences that need to be communicated,” says Thomas Edelkamp, CEO of the cooperative. “explore ROMANTIK“ takes this on and shows what travellers are nowadays looking for: individual experiences, discovering local culture, joie-de-vivre. ““explore ROMANTIK” gives us, together with the hotels, the opportunity to convey the variety and quality of the brand to younger and new target groups, too, and to create a more attractive brand image in the long run“, Edelkamp says. The campaign also offers the hotels a platform for their own marketing measures, free of the usual constraints and restrictions that are often demanded by a brand. In preparation of “explore ROMANTIK“, the brand and the hoteliers together worked out special travel experiences for the hotels that often base on existing offers. Romantik provides images as well as print ad or banner templates and works closely with photographers, film production companies and agencies for regional adaptions of the campaigns that will then promote a large diversity of experiences such as skiing, sailing, hiking, hunting or fishing with the hotelier family, yoga, cooking in an awarded restaurant, making cheese or sausages with the hosts, taking a cruise in an amphibious vehicle or even trading the hotel room for a tent.

200 hotels as the brand message multipliers

“Through our hotels, we reach additional 6 million travellers per year whom we want to inspire to spend more time with Romantik. Each hotelier is a multiplier for our brand message, multiplying our reach by 200”, Edelkamp is delighted.
This multiplying effect creates a reach for which usually large advertising budgets are necessary. With this campaign, Romantik will be able to further increase its good awareness and sympathy values which have been built up over the last decades, and to also refresh its brand image. The aim is to gain new guests in the key markets and to make them book directly on the Romantik website. In the long run, Romantik wants to be established as Europe’s premium brand for first class travel experiences: “This is why we do not show any room, beds or buffets, but we show what we can do best – create unique stays for our guests”, Thomas Edelkamp finishes.
The campaign motto was designed by Romantik in cooperation with the brand and service expert Hans-Jürgen Hartauer. The conception and realisation of the campaign was handled by Romantik with the communication and marketing agency “immagine“ from Munich and the film production company “3eins Kommunikation“ from Hamburg.

About Romantik Hotels & Restaurants

Tradition, history, quality and warm hospitality: these are the distinguishing characteristics of the about 200 Romantik Hotels & Restaurants in nine European countries. Romantik hoteliers welcome guests in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Scotland, Italy, and Spain France. The powerful sales and marketing cooperative has been presenting the full diversity of the independent hotel scene for over 40 years: from high-end country guest houses to unique spa hotels and luxury city centre establishments. Excellent cuisine, authentic local roots and tangible history unite the owner-run hotels, creating an exclusive collection to delight even the most discerning guests under the umbrella of the strong Romantik brand.


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