100 new hotels by 2020: Romantik Hotels aiming for growth across Europe

Romantik Hotels & Restaurants is set to expand in Europe. The hotel cooperative intends to grow from 200 to 300 members by 2020 with internal financing. Currently represented in nine countries, the network is aiming for a presence in 15 countries in the medium term. "We want to become Europe's leading hotel cooperative," says Thomas Edelkamp, a member of the board of directors. In support of this claim, Edelkamp explains that several well-known establishments in Italy, Austria and Germany are about to join the network.

"Hotel cooperatives that want to continue playing a role in the international hotel business of the future have to position themselves as strong brands across national borders," says the sales expert, explaining the reason behind the expansion drive. In addition, he claims growth is the only way to successfully promote and market private hotels via global distribution channels. "People travel by brand these days," says Edelkamp. "So Romantik needs to be represented at all travel and booking destinations."

Besides organic growth, Edelkamp does not rule out partnerships with other hotel cooperatives. He points out that many countries have hospitality networks that would be a good match for Romantik. "The only possible response to mergers of global hotel chains is strategic alliances between hotel cooperatives," says the director.

Expanding the network's European activities is also intended to help Romantik hoteliers attract staff. Although Romantik hotels have tackled the shortage of skilled staff with committed efforts and attractive offers in recent years, Edelkamp explains that an extensive international brand network will open up new opportunities for targeting and retaining young talent and experienced skilled personnel.


Romantik Hotels & Restaurants

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