To ensure that you are ideally prepared for your next trip with Romantik and to keep an eye on regional specifics, we have prepared a brief overview to inform you about current regulations and travel restrictions. Romantik Hotels & Restaurants in all Romantik countries look forward to welcoming you back soon.


BELGIUM: From 9 June, hotels will be allowed to open under strict security conditions. More infos

FRANCE: From 9 June, tourists from abroad are welcome with a "Pass Sanitaire" (a Corona ID card for anyone who can prove the following: Vaccination, a survived Corona disease and thus immunity or a recently performed PCR test.  Further Details

NETHERLANDS: From 5 June, holidays in the Netherlands are possible again for holidaymakers from the EU and the Schengen area.  However, there is a 10-day quarantine obligation when returning to Germany.  Read More

AUSTRIA: Hotels open on 19 May. A negative corona test or proof of vaccination or survived corona illness is required for entry. Further details

SWITZERLAND: Hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities are open in principle, but there may be different regulations in individual cantons. You do not need a test to enter the country and you do not have to go into quarantine. However, a quarantine applies on return, from which you can be released. More info 

SLOVENIA: Hotels have reopened on a limited basis. Guests must be in possession of either a current negative test or recognised proof of vaccination. Read more  

SPAIN: Travelling in Mallorca, the mainland and the Canary Islands is possible. The regions of Valencia, Galicia, Murcia and the Balearic Islands are no longer considered risk areas, so holidays are possible. A negative PCR test is required for entry, but quarantine is not necessary.  Travel info 

SOUTH TIROL: From 16 May 2021, guests from EU countries, Schengen states and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be able to enter South Tyrol without having to undergo quarantine. More info 

Holidays in Germany: When do the hotels in the German federal states open? (as of 14.5.2021)

Due to falling rates of new Corona infections, some federal states have announced a cautious opening for tourists. At Whitsun, travelling across Germany will be possible despite Corona - here you will find information on hotel openings and necessary rules to follow when planning your trip to the German federal states.

BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG: From 29 May, accommodation establishments such as hotels will be able to resume their operations in a further step.

BAVARIA: From 21 May, hotels will be allowed to reopen if the incidence is below 100.

BERLIN: Hotels will reopen from mid-June.

BRANDENBURG: Hotels will reopen from the Friday before Pentecost (21 May) if Corona infection numbers are low.

BREMEN: With a phased plan, hotel holidays are possible again from the end of May.

HAMBURG: Tourist overnight stays in Hamburg are allowed again from the second half of June.

HESSEN: From 17 May in counties with an incidence below 100, hotels may reopen under conditions subject to a 60 percent capacity limit, coupled with negative rapid tests or proof of full vaccination or recovery.

MECKLENBURG-VORPOMMERN: Hotels will open in two stages from 7 June until 14 June 2021. Bookings are now open.

NIEDERSACHSEN: Holidays in hotels are possible again. - with a capacity limit of 60 percent, coupled with negative rapid tests or proof of complete vaccination or recovery.

NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN: Hotels can reopen for private guests subject to conditions and a stable weekly incidence below 100. Capacity limit 60 per cent.

RHEINLAND-PFALZ: From 2 June, it is planned to reopen hotels completely - precondition for guests is a negative test.

SAARLAND: Overnight stays in hotels are to be allowed from 1 June.

SAXONY: Overnight stays in hotels are only allowed if the incidence is stable below 50.

SAXONY-ANHALT: From June, hotels will be allowed to reopen if incidence is below 100.

SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN: From 17 May, hotels are allowed to reopen under strict conditions.

THURINGIA: From 22 May when incidence rates are stable below 100, hotel overnight stays are to be allowed again with restrictions on guest numbers.

Detailed information on the individual federal states can be found on the DEHOGA portal.

In the federal states not mentioned above, no concrete relaxation around Whitsun is currently planned or no information is available.

Please note that the above-mentioned dates may still change at any time due to changed decisions at the state and federal level. Due to the different resolutions of the individual federal states, the use of the restaurant and leisure areas (pool, sauna, wellness treatments, etc.) in the hotels may be restricted. Please contact the Romantik Hotel directly before arrival.