Terms and Conditions

The RomantikCard of Romantic Hotels & Restaurants (Romantik Hotels & Restaurants AG, Kaiserstraße 53, 60329 Frankfurt) rewards registered guests for their membership. When using their RomantikCard, the owners will receive the benefits described below. The basis of a membership is the terms and conditions of participation described below.


The programme is valid in all hotels and restaurants that are members and shareholders of Romantik Hotels & Restaurants AG at the time of the trip or restaurant stay under the protected designation "Romantik Hotel" or "Romantik Restaurant" and that are listed in the Romantik Guide or on one of the websites (www.romantikhotels.com or www.romantikrestaurants.com).


2.1 Conditions

A RomantikCard can be used by all private individuals who are of legal age or have legal capacity according to the legislation of the state in which they are resident. If this is not the case, the use shall be deemed unjustified from the outset.

2.2 Order of the RomantikCard

A RomantikCard can be ordered as follows:

  • By registering online on the website here.

When registering, all required mandatory fields (the name, correct postal address and email address) must be filled truthfully and in full. A valid email address must be deposited for participation. It is not possible for two owners to use the same email address.

Changes to the name, postal address or email address must be made by the owner directly in his guest profile on the website myromantik.romantikhotels.com. If the owner does not have a guest profile, he can of course also notify the Frankfurt headquarter in writing, who will then make the changes for him or her.

2.3 Costs

The use of the RomantikCard is free of charge.

2.4 Consent to receive newsletters and further information

The user's data submitted to Romantik Hotels & Restaurants AG can be used to provide users with messages in written and/or electronic form about the program (general information, personalised information and advertisements for stays in Romantik Hotels and Restaurants or other loyalty programs). The user may object to the use of his email address for this purpose at any time by email to the following address: romantikcard@romantikhotels.com.

2.5 Guest Profile

The guest profile is exclusively digital and can be accessed via the website myromantik.romantikhotels.com. All information about the guest profile and the use of the RomantikCard can be accessed on the website here.

On myromantik.romantikhotels.com, the guest can create and maintain their guest profile. He can view and modify stored contact details. They also have the option to indicate personal preferences there.

The owner is obliged to keep their personal data (name, postal address, email address) up-to-date and to incorporate any changes into the guest profile. Online availability may be interrupted for reasonable periods of time for maintenance or for the purpose of further development of MyROMANTIK .

The owner may not disclose their personal password to third parties and is responsible for the use and secrecy of his credentials. To the extent that the registration is successful, the holder will have immediate access to his guest profile.


Owning the RomantikCard provides the following benefits for the holder:

  • 5% discount when booking online at the best available rate for accommodation with breakfast on www.romantikhotels.com or hotel website. Contract rates, offers as well as other special rates and seasonal offers are excluded. Bookings through third-party channels are also excluded
  • 3% credit of the invoice sum on the card for the next visit to a Romantik hotel or restaurant up to a invoice sum of €2,500
  • Payment of services in Romantik hotels and restaurants with the card balance
  • Ability to create and maintain a guest profile on myromantik.romantikhotels.com
  • Receipt and use of regular offers created especially for RomantikCard holders
  • Opportunity to participate in exclusive meetings with Romantik in a small circle

The advantages of the RomantikCard cannot be combined with other special offers of Romantik Hotels or Restaurants.


After paying the invoice in a Romantik Hotel or Restaurant, the 3% credit will be booked on the RomantikCard.

If the RomantikCard holder uses a Romantik voucher to pay or partially pay his bill, they will only be credited to the sum of the 3% balance not paid with the voucher.

If the RomantikCard holder pays part of the bill with the credit of their RomantikCard, they will not receive a 3% credit on that part, but only on the reduced invoice price.

If a guest has booked their stay by phone, they will not receive a 5% discount on booking, but a 3% credit on their RomantikCard on departure.

If a guest has booked through a third party, they will not receive credit after departure on their RomantikCard.

If a guest acquires a RomantikCard on their current stay, they will receive a 3% balance directly on their card when settling invoices. However, they do not receive the 5% discount on the best available rate that they would have received when booking online.

The credit is saved on the RomantikCard and can be used for payment in another Romantik Hotel or Restaurant but cannot be deducted to settle the invoice in the Hotel or Restaurant that issued the credit.

It is also not possible to obtain partial invoices during a contiguous stay in order to settle the invoices with the credit on the RomantikCard.

The cards issued at the Romantik Hotel Oberwirt do not qualify for the 3% credit in the same hotel, but in all other Romantik hotels.

The credit expires after 18 months without collecting or redeeming credit with the RomantikCard. The credit balance on the card expires in the event of termination. It will not be paid in cash.


5.1 Runtime

Membership will run indefinitely from the basis of successful registration and with reservation to cancellation in accordance with this paragraph 5.

5.2 Termination by the owner

The holder can terminate their participation at any time with immediate effect by deleting their guest profile and sending the card back to the office with a short letter (Kaiserstraße 53, 60329 Frankfurt).

5.3 Termination by the user

The Romantik Hotels & Restaurants AG is entitled to terminate the membership on time and without compensation for important reasons. An important reason lies in particular in the case of a breach of these general terms and conditions of participation by the holder, the general terms and conditions applicable to the participating hotels and restaurants, any disclosure of false information and any inappropriate behaviour (in particular unpleasant, malicious or offensive behaviour towards hotel staff or guests). In such a case, the Romantik Hotels & Restaurant AG reserves the right to further measures.

5.4 Legal consequences of termination

The cancellation of the membership leads to the complete withdrawal from the customer loyalty program of Romantik Hotels & Restaurants. In case of termination the credit on the card expires. It will no be paid.


For damages caused to the owner in connection directly with the membership, the Romantik Hotels & Restaurants AG is only liable for wilful misconduct and gross negligence. Any damages are limited to the amount of the typically foreseeable damage. The above limitation of liability does not apply in the event of injury to life, body or health, in the event of claims of product liability law and to the extent that the law prohibits such restrictions.


7.1 Changes to the terms and conditions of participation

These terms and conditions can be changed in whole or in part at any time by the Romantik Hotels & Restaurants AG. Such changes take proper account of the interests of the owners. Holders will be informed of the changes before they enter into force via email and may object within a reasonable period. In addition, it is possible to terminate the membership in accordance with paragraph 5 at any time. To the extent that the use of the RomantikCard continues without objection after the changes come into force, this means the consent of the holder to the new terms and conditions of participation. If a holder of the change objects on time, his membership may be terminated by the user with a notice period of one month.

7.2 Changes to RomantikCard benefits

It is expressly made clear that the RomantikCard benefits mentioned in paragraph 3 can also be changed or deleted at any time in whole or in part in accordance with paragraph 6.1.


The use of the individual data of the owner is carried out in accordance with the data protection regulations under privacy policy.


By registering for the RomantikCard, the holder accepts these terms and conditions without reservation. The above terms and conditions of participation replace all previous agreements and are subject to German law, without prejudice to mandatory safeguards that could apply in the country of residence of consumers. The place of fulfillment is Frankfurt.

All information and details about the RomantikCard can be found at here.
Our terms and conditions can be found here.