Wintererlebnisse an der Nordsee


The most beautiful winter experiences at the North Sea

An icy wind blows over the white dikes and glittering ice floes cover the mud flats. In winter the North Sea has its own charm. Not only the nature impresses here, but also the large selection of experiences in winter. Here nothing stands in the way of a varied excursion.

Legendary North Sea - fairytales and torches on the beach of Föhr

Immerse yourself in the world of legends, myths and anecdotes from the long history of the island of Föhr and North Friesland. The fairytale and torchlight hike of the Wattenmeer protection station on Föhr is a very special experience, especially in winter. At nightfall, with torches and stars shining, you can hear legends, fairy tales and the sound of the North Sea. For example, true and really true stories about the emergence of ebb and flow and seafarers. Or the Föhrer Oterbaankin, little goblins who like to make fun of people.

In addition to the fairytale and torchlight hike, the Wattenmeer protection station on Föhr also offers other walks and hikes on the island in winter. In the “Wattwerkstatt” guests can also get to know the Wadden Sea habitat or take part in amber grinding courses.

Warm up and enjoy in the dune spa in St. Peter-Ording

Low sun, strong wind, spraying North Sea spray and occasionally hoarfrost, snow or ice: the winter nature in St. Peter-Ording offers fantastic possibilities to recharge your batteries far away from the hustle and bustle. After an extensive walk on the winter beach, the dune thermal bath with its versatile sauna landscape awaits you behind the dike to end the day in a pleasant way. With a total of five different sweat and steam baths, it offers the perfect opportunity to really warm yourself up. The health and wellness centre also offers the opportunity to pamper yourself with an aroma massage, a warm sea water bath or an Ayurveda treatment. From November 2019 to March 2020, the Wellness Calendar features monthly winter offers of sea buckthorn, marzipan and cocoa.

Büsum: Full of experiences even in winter

The quieter season in Büsum offers an excellent backdrop to slow down and travel to yourself. A stroll along the winter dyke, the cold breeze on your face and you feel that half of your worries have been blown away by magic. But the Büsumer Deich is not only suitable for long walks. As soon as the first snowflakes fall from the sky and give the dike a new coat of paint, tobogganists will also get their money's worth. When young and old courageously throw themselves off the top of the dike with their sleds, winter fun is guaranteed.

Those who want to escape the cold will find a wide range of offers in the new Watt'n Hus leisure and information centre. In addition to the Tourist Information there is a reading winter garden, a cinema, event rooms, the indoor gym Neeles Spielehafen and the Mini-Maxi-Club for the little ones. Action-packed games are available for teenagers in the dyke hut.

After a varied day in the wintery Büsum, connoisseurs are spoiled with a large selection of delicacies: hot egg grog or a warm Büsum shrimp soup? In the period from 7 December 2019 to 6 January 2020, locals and guests can once again be enchanted by decorated stalls during the Büsumer Winterzauber.

A special experience in the New Year on the North Frisian North Sea coast is the Biike burning on 21 February, an ancient custom announcing the end of winter. There are several fires in Husum Bay that are lit that evening. Whether at the Dockkoog or in Schobüll, guests are welcome. The traditional Biike speech is followed by the lighting of the large pile of wood. Well cooled down, the traditional way is to eat kale together. Tip: Since 21 February 2020 falls on a Friday, the Biike is a good opportunity for a winter break at the North Sea.

Hotel tips at the North Sea:

On the North Sea island Juist the Romantik Hotel Achterdiek welcomes you for a relaxing stay with warm hospitality. In the hotel's own wellness area, you will be pampered with extensive wellness treatments and enjoy a relaxing day in the spacious bathing and sauna landscape with a view of the Wadden Sea. The chef conjures up fine creations in the excellent cuisine of the Romantik Hotel.

In the Romantik Hotel Reichshof guests find a second home in a cosy atmosphere. The impressive historic building welcomes guests in rooms and suites with an East Frisian feel-good atmosphere. The hotel spoils its guests with seasonal dishes, genuine classics and traditional East Frisian specialities. After an exciting day on the coast, the wellness area with its sauna landscape, wellness garden and spa invites you to relax.

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