Die schönsten Strände an der Ostsee


The most beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea

Fine sandy beaches, clear, clean water, hidden bays and water sports - the Baltic Sea is blessed with the most beautiful beaches and promises all its bathers the greatest holiday pleasures. From the Kieler Förde with the Baltic seaside resort Laboe, via Timmendorfer Strand, to Warenmünde, to the peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst and then to Stralsund, on to Heringsdorf on Usedom and the Baltic seaside resort Binz or the Baltic seaside resort Sellin on the island Rügen: extensive beaches with fine sand, embedded in a picturesque dune landscape and cosy beach chairs as far as the eye can see. Whether old or young, families or singles, active holidaymakers or sun worshippers, in this top selection everyone will find a suitable beach on the magnificent Baltic Sea coast.

Kieler Förde - counting ships

Surrounded by beeches the small but fine Baltic Sea beach in Heikendorf lies at the Kieler Förde, only a short ferry ride away from Kiel City. If you lie here in a comfortable wicker beach chair close to the Baltic Sea waves, you can stay right in the moment and at the same time feel the vastness of the world. Ships of all colours and sizes pass by so close to you that you can wave to the passengers. Where does this cruise ship sail to? Oh, how good that you have already arrived yourself. Heikendorf is divided into several districts, like Kitzeberg, Möltenort, Neuheikendorf, Altheikendorf and Schrevenborn. In Möltenort there is a small fishing port, where the "lightship" is located, on which you can even get married.

The Baltic seaside resort of Laboe, with its beautifully landscaped harbour, beach and promenade with small shops and restaurants, is a popular holiday resort on the fjord with a magnificent beach on the sunny side of the bay. The Laboer memorial should be a destination for holidaymakers on their journey. From the very top you have a great view. The submarine can be visited by those who are interested. Also recommendable: Also the beach of Falkenstein on the west side of the Förde offers a beautiful section, as well as a youth village, which was 1972 with the olympic sail competitions meeting place for young people from all over the world. Still today it is a popular meeting place and a destination for holidaymakers.

Kronsgaard - Baltic Sea romance at its finest

The Baltic Sea beach of Kronsgaard looks like the painting of a romantic painter. This natural beauty is just an hour's drive away from the lively cultural metropolis of Kiel, making it ideal for city lovers and romantics. Flower meadows stretch all the way to the beach and form a wonderful composition of colours. Colourful wooden boats swing up and down the shore. During the summer months, the DLRG Lifeguards ensure that you can enjoy a carefree swim. After a refreshing dip, a coastal hike to the Geltinger Birk nature reserve, where the landscape is reminiscent of a small primeval forest, is a good idea.

California - a place of longing at the Baltic Sea

If you fancy white sand, clear water and surfing, you don't have to travel across the Atlantic Ocean. This California is only half an hour's drive from Kiel on the beautiful Baltic Sea coast. Legend has it that after a storm a fisherman once found a weathered ship's plank on the Baltic Sea beach, on which one could still decipher the writing "California". The fisherman was thrilled and nailed the ship's plank to his front door. With this the name of the place was sealed. The small but fine beach of California is a popular destination for families, walkers and sun worshippers. Water sports enthusiasts also get their money's worth here. And in summer, a stage is set up behind the dike. World travellers can also continue their journey to Brazil. That's right on the Baltic Sea beach next door. Why wander far away when the good is so close?

Südstrand Fehmarn - beautiful sand and blue waves

A dream for all sun worshippers, water rats and beach sports fans: spacious and fine sandy beaches invite you to dig, swim and romp around. The beaches at Burgtiefe and Wulfener Hals are the southernmost and whitest sandy beaches of the island.
Fine white sand and a blue sea await guests on the southern beach. The beach is shallow, so families with children will also be happy on this beach. On the adjacent beach promenade holidaymakers will find restaurants, kiosks and ice cream parlours. The view of the Fehmarnsund Bridge is also charming.

Katharinenhof - Natural beach for romantics

The beautiful beach on the eastern side of the island of Fehmarn, the largest Baltic Sea island in Schleswig-Holstein, promises pure natural idyll. Here you can swim in crystal clear water surrounded by beautiful trees. If you want to have a picnic with a wonderful view of the waves, you can make yourself comfortable on the small benches and seat stones on the grass dunes. Even during the high season, this spot of the Baltic Sea is quiet. There are no water sports facilities. One should also take care of the food oneself, as there are no restaurants and shopping facilities in the immediate vicinity of the beach. Romantics bring a hammock and admire the sunrise in the early morning.

Timmendorfer Strand - Baltic Sea fun for all seasons

If you love action and turbulent liveliness, Timmendorf Beach is the place for you. In addition to the beach chairs and deck chairs, there is also a wide range of water sports on offer. On the Baltic Sea beaches around the Seeschlösschen- and the Maritim-Seebrücke there is even a free sports programme during the summer months. There is always something to see: the German Beach Volleyball Championships in August, for example. Or the beach hockey championship. Even in winter there is a lot going on here. Then the restaurants lure guests to the spa promenade with fresh delicacies from the Baltic Sea and cosy cafés. Those who prefer a quieter atmosphere will feel at home in the smaller family spa Niendorf, which also belongs to the municipality of Timmendorf. Thanks to the good train connections to Hamburg and Lübeck, Timmendorf beach is quick and easy to reach.

Darßer Weststrand - Beach chair idyll with culture

The most beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea line up on the peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst in the middle of the national park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft. Wonderful miles of sandy beaches, crooked pines, deep blue water, unspoilt forest and Bodden await visitors to the beach who are close to nature. By the way, sunglasses are guaranteed to be used on Darß - the peninsula on the Baltic Sea is one of the sunniest regions in Germany. If you feel like cooling off, you can plunge into the Baltic Sea floods without any worries. The water quality is controlled and awarded the quality seal "Blue Flag". From June to September, professional lifeguards ensure the safety of all bathers. Parents with children can request bracelets for their little ones so that they can be found quickly if they get lost.
However, bathers interested in culture should leave the beach chair at some point: The artists' colony of Ahrenshoop is close by and an absolute must. The picturesque town is bubbling with creative energy and offers many interesting exhibitions. In Prerow you can stroll over the 400 m long pier and visit the lighthouse Darßer Ort.

Heringsdorf on Usedom - swimming and strolling

The sophisticated seaside resort on the Baltic Sea captivates its guests with a spacious, fine sandy beach, elegant villas from bygone times, and the longest pier in Germany. The imposing building is around 508 metres long; those who wish can stroll along it and enjoy the magnificent view of the beach and sea from its top. If the Baltic Sea wind blows too firmly around your ears on the pier, you can indulge your palate in the restaurant or stroll back to the promenade. There you will find a varied gastronomic offer for the big and small purse.

Baltic seaside resort Binz - Rügen's pearl

The Baltic seaside resort of Binz is one of the most popular bathing resorts in Germany and the largest spa on the island of Rügen. The magnificent beach promenade with villas in the style of spa architecture is a real feast for the eyes. The kilometre-long sandy beach is particularly fine. And bathing in the protected bay, guarded by the DLRG, is a carefree pleasure for young and old. Binz welcomes its beach holidaymakers with a long-established tradition; since 1885 the town has been allowed to call itself a Baltic seaside resort. In all the decades the offer on the beach has increased even further. But the extraordinary charm of the Baltic seaside resort of Binz has been preserved.

Ostseebad Sellin - Heaven's ladder to bathing happiness

Who wants to reach the north beach of the beautiful Baltic seaside resort Sellin, can choose: You can either take the sky ladder, 87 wooden steps leading down from the high shore, or the free lift. Below you will find a beautiful sandy beach, sheltered from the wind, clean and lined with inviting beach chairs. What immediately catches the eye is the magnificent pier, which protrudes far into the sea. At its tip is the largest diving gondola in Europe. Up to 30 people can be transported per dive into the underwater world of the Baltic Sea. An instructive adventure: During the dive one learns interesting details about the flora and fauna of the Baltic Sea. A great water adventure - not only for children!

Strandbad Stralsund - the urban bathing pleasure

Just strolling through the pedestrian zone of Stralsund and wanting to have a relaxing day at the beach the next moment? No problem, the beautiful Stralsund lido is within walking distance and offers a multi-faceted programme for everyone: sports enthusiasts can power up on the volleyball courts, families with small children appreciate the playground and the shallow water entrance near the main entrance, in the eastern part a wonderful view of the Rügenbrücke bridge and St. Nikolai's Church is tempting. If you wish, you can rent one of the two barbecue areas on the beach and dine in a convivial atmosphere overlooking the water. There is also a kiosk where you can eat.

Rosenort - natural paradise for hiking fans

This natural beach near Warnemünde is one of the most beautiful on the Baltic Sea - and can only be reached on foot or by bicycle. The effort is worth it: Those who have passed the idyllic coastal forest are rewarded with a unique natural backdrop: shining sea buckthorn surrounds the sweeping dunes, behind it the glittering sea. If you are travelling by bike, you can continue as far as Ahrenshoop. On the way to the artists' colony, which is well worth seeing, you cycle through picturesque heath landscapes, along Bodden waters and along the coast.

Warnemünde - Bathing fun for small Baltic Sea pirates

The 15 km long beach of Warnemünde is one of the most beautiful bathing destinations for families at the Baltic Sea. The sand is as fine as icing sugar, the water sky blue. Thanks to its spaciousness, the beach of Warnemünde is always a suitable place to roll out your beach mat and relax, even during the high season. The eastern part of the beach is anything but quiet. Here is an exciting pirate beach for children - with climbing frames, playgrounds and trampolines!

Weissenhaus - the surf spot at the Baltic Sea

The beach of Weissenhaus is the Mecca for surf fans! If the wind blows strongly enough over the sea, then the waves can get up to three meters high - a guarantee for extensive surfing fun! Not only the surfers love the Hohenwachter Bucht, it is also a great pleasure for spectators to have a refreshing drink on the terrace of the "boathouse" and watch the adventurous activity.