Limone sul Garda


Lemons of Lake Garda: Between April & October in Limone sul Garda

Limone sul Garda is a small town in the Italian Lombardy. Around 2000 people have settled on this tranquil spot directly on the western shore of Lake Garda. Between April and October, the sky in Limone sul Garda is literally full of lemons, the sun is shining and you experience a place to dream and relax. Limone is not only one of the dream destinations on Lake Garda, but throughout Italy. A laudation.

The flair of Bella Italia: A walk through Limone

Those who want to experience Italy in its original charm travel to Limone - a small village at Lake Garda that is located at the foot of a steep mountainside. The houses here look like glued into the rocks, visitors walk through winding alleys and all houses are surrounded like fairytale castles by blooming Gazania and Margaritas.

Many hours of sunshine, hardly any rainfalls: Best travel time between April and October

As the headland is surrounded by high mountains, Limone sul Garda is in a shielded location. Before the high mountains the clouds rain down and float afterwards as cumulus clouds over the mostly bright blue sky. During the time between April and October there are hardly any rainfalls and only a very small number of stormy days.

The lemon: Landmark of Limone sul Garda

Above the village, lemon gardens and orangeries string together like pearls on a chain. The citrus trees once grew from the slopes down to the shore. Today, lemon cultivation has been limited to smaller areas, as exports are hardly economically viable anymore.

Even though the lemon did not give its name to the place, it has nevertheless become the landmark of the little paradise. Limone is derived from Limes, the Latin word for border. Until the construction of the access road, the place was only accessible via the lake and the mountains and formed a natural border between Austria and Italy.

From this virtue Limone sul Garda has made another one and sells this landmark excellently. There are lemon-painted tiles, shirts and towels embroidered with lemons and postcards over postcards depicting individual lemons and then again lemon trees. There is hardly a shop in Limone that does not sell real lemons.

This topic can also be used for culinary purposes. In Limone sul Garda travellers can enjoy lemon cake, freshly squeezed lemon juice and - if you like - of course fresh lemons.

Places of interest in Limone sul Garda

The small Italian city does not offer superlatives to travellers. There is not the biggest lake or the fastest roller coaster, but many historical details that allow a look into the past of the former fishing village which can trigger on a closer look the same fascination.

Dom San Bendetto

This baroque cathedral is a little hidden in the old town of Limone. It was built in the 17th century and is visible over the roofs of the city. The interior of the cathedral has to be seen in silence. There are two paintings by Andrea Celesti as well as a historical wooden crucifix on the wall.

Church of San Rocco

The church of San Rocco is a Gothic church from the 14th century with beautiful Renaissance frescoes on the wall.

Palazzo Gherardi

Limone has a cosy historical centre that invites you to stay. It is surrounded by Venetian buildings and old fishermen's cottages as well as a stately palazzo, the Palazzo Gherardi, built in the 15th century. The architectural style shows the exciting transition between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. You can easily enter - the building now houses a language school.

Centro Comboniano Tesoil

The former lemon greenhouse is today a memorial for the Catholic missionary to Africa Daniele Comboni. He was born in Limone sul Garda in 1831 and died of malaria in 1881. North of the city limits you will find other ruins of old greenhouses, which you can explore during a sunny walk.

Sopino Waterfall

Just outside Limone is the Sopino waterfall. You can reach it by a path with a slight but continuous ascent. The water comes from the river Sopino and makes its way down into the depths.

Two harbours and a pebble beach in Limone

On the shore of Lake Garda in Limone there is a long, well-kept pebble beach. Along this beach there are only a handful of trees, which give shade in the midday sun - if you want to get a place in the shade, you should arrive early. Those who are tired of sunbathing can stroll through one of the two harbours Porto Vecchio and Porto Nuovo and settle down in one of the many small cafés and restaurants.

Between Mediterranean flair and luxury: How to reside near Limone sul Garda

In the Romantik Boutique Hotel Villa Sostaga, guests can still feel the former aristocratic flair, the fine fabrics of the wall hangings, the heels of gold-dusted dancing shoes and the laughter of the high gentlemen who were here in the summer resort. The building itself dates from the 19th century and was commissioned by Count Guiseppe Feltrinelli. It was later transformed into a summer residence that housed many prominent personalities. The rooms were furnished with love and still have the charm of a former aristocratic residence. The view over Lake Garda is simply fantastic.

Culinary inspirations: An inheritance from Gabriele D'Annunzio’s cook

One of the most outstanding features of the house is the kitchen. It is still inspired by the legacy of the cook of the famous poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, who cooked there using old household remedies and regional ingredients. This orientation was transported into the 21st century and elevated to the gourmet level. The restaurant of the house offers not only first-class dishes from fresh ingredients of the region, but also paradisiacal views of the nature in the surroundings. From the seats the guests enjoy a unique view of the garden and park landscape and the western part of Lake Garda. In the cool part of the house there is a wine cellar where more than 400 wines are stored.