In harmony with nature: Wellness in Austria

Thanks to its unique natural landscape, Austria is the destination for nature lovers all year round. Whether the breath-taking mountain panorama or crystal-clear lakes, Austria's regions have a lot to offer. The nature of the country invites you to linger and relax and offers tourists a retreat from everyday life. The calming effect of nature has also been discovered by wellness lovers, who are increasingly combining natural elements with a spa stay. Wellness hotels have taken up this trend and offer their guests treatments with regional, natural products. Especially sauna sessions with herbs, relaxation baths or massages with natural oils are among the varied wellness offers of many spas. In addition to the use of beneficial regional products, the immediate proximity to nature is also decisive for many wellness holidaymakers and guarantees a stay in harmony with nature.

Diversity in Austria's nature

More than 400 different herbs in alpine Austria offer the regions a great variety of natural products, which are used specifically for wellness treatments. In combination with relaxing treatments and light activities in the fresh air, guests immerse themselves in Austria's fascinating landscape. Herbs in particular - whether as tea, in ointments and creams or for cooking - often serve as insider tips nowadays. In spa treatments, these natural products are used specifically to offer guests a special experience. Whether in the sauna, in the bath or during massages, natural products often increase the well-being during and after the treatments. Romantik introduces you to some areas of application for natural products and prepares you for your next wellness holiday in Austria with some hotel tips.

Merging wellness with nature


For many tourists, sauna visits are a real benefit for the body and therefore no wellness holiday can be imagined without them. Thanks to the pleasant warmth body and mind calm down and the immune system can be strengthened. The positive effects of sauna visits can be intensified in combination with natural herbs. The high temperatures and humidity of the air allow the essential oils of the herbs to develop their full effect. Saunas with herbs are particularly pleasant at temperatures of 55 to 60°C. Eucalyptus, peppermint, elderberry, lavender, camomile and sage are very popular herbal saunas. Due to their different effects the herbs offer a large variety of application possibilities. For example, peppermint promotes mental balance, lavender has a cheering and relaxing effect and chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect.


Relaxing massages are also among the highlights of a wellness holiday and offer soothing moments. In addition to their relaxing effect on body and mind, massages are also beneficial for the skin. These effects are further enhanced using natural oils. Body massages with oils stimulate blood circulation and the lymphatic system and nourish the skin at the same time. In addition, muscles are loosened and the tension is released from the body. Especially thanks to the oils the skin moisture is improved and can be stored longer. This ensures a smooth and radiant skin.

Hotel tips

Two Romantik spa hotels offer their guests in Austria particularly natural spa offers and use the power of nature specifically in their treatments.

The Romantik Hotel der Wiesenhof

The Romantik Hotel der Wiesenhof invites its guests to a relaxing stay in the 2300 m2 wellness area in a fantastic location between mountains and lake. Thanks to its proximity to nature, the hotel uses natural products for spa treatments and integrates valuable spring water, local mountain herbs and Tyrolean stone oil into its beneficial treatments. In addition, the panoramic view from the bathhouse onto the Achensee and the surrounding mountains, forests and meadows provides relaxation. In the hotel's Tyrolean Wellness spa, the so-called Karwendel spa, everything is in harmony with nature. The hotel's own Alpenkräuter sauna allows a pleasant stay at about 60°C. Due to the unique combination of radiant heat with the scent of calming chamomile, antiseptic sage and cell renewing lavender, guests are immersed in the calming atmosphere of the idyllic mountain world at the Achensee. Furthermore, the Romantik Hotel der Wiesenhof offers numerous wellness baths. These include the mountain herbal bath, the hay flower bath or the honey pine bath, which provide the body with important nutrients and ensure relaxing moments. Especially the baths with real Tyrolean stone oil support the relaxation of the musculoskeletal system thanks to the high content of organically bound sulphur. Warm loungers with mountain views and the Panorama Sonnenhalle round off the spa offer and enable guests to enjoy a pleasant combination of wellness and nature.

The Romantik SPA Hotel Seefischer am See

The Romantik SPA Hotel Seefischer am See offers its guests a spacious spa area in a unique location directly on the beautiful lake Millstätter See. A special highlight is the fisherman's sauna in the lake. The small Finnish sauna allows guests to enjoy the lake Millstätter See all year round as a plunge pool after a sauna session. From the small sauna on wooden piles you can go directly to the crystal-clear lake, which provides an ideal refreshment. Also due to the panoramic view of the lake, the fisherman's sauna is simply unique in the breath-taking scenery. In the hotel's spa there is also a heated pool that leads out into the open air and brings wellness and nature into harmony. At the Romantik Hotel Seefischer am See, relaxing treatments with regional products such as Swiss stone pine oil, spit oil or garnet stone provide your body with soothing substances. The regional Alpienne products combine active agent combinations from the wealth of experience of alpine cultures with latest research and ensure intensive applications. Here, every natural product is based on the power of alpine medicinal plants. Whether in relaxing massages with Swiss stone pine or rose oil or peelings of natural salt with mountain arnica, rosemary and honey - at the Romantik Hotel Seefischer am See you will find a great selection of high-quality regional treatment methods.