Famous film locations in Austria: James Bond Film Spectre

For many decades James Bond has been considered worldwide as probably the best-known secret agent who fascinates film by film masses of viewers. Especially the locations are spectacular. Unique backdrops with that certain something and often the world's most beautiful and hidden locations have always served the films as a location. Austria has already been the location for James Bond films many times before. Among others, the film "Der Hauch des Tode" was shot in 1987 at Weissensee in Carinthia. For the Bond film "Spectre", released in 2015, three breath-taking locations in Austria serve as the backdrop for the exciting film.

The spectacular locations for Spectre

Thanks to the varied nature and fantastic mountain and lake scenery, Austria offers ideal conditions for photography and filming. For the film "Spectre", Austria was a particularly good choice as winter shots were required and it was therefore shot directly at three different locations in beautiful Austria for "Spectre".


Especially for action scenes high in the Austrian Alps, Sölden served in 2015 as an ideal location for the James Bond movie. On the highest road in the Alps, breath-taking shots were shot for "Spectre". The boss of the Söldner mountain railway, Jakob Falkner, took the opportunity to place Sölden as a James Bond location. When he realized that the production company was interested in Sölden as a film set, he contacted the filmmakers via the Austrian film commission "Location Austria". Thanks to his commitment, the collaboration went smoothly. In the middle of the ski resort of Sölden in the Ötztal Alps, the mountain station made of curved steel ribs and the unique summit restaurant in ice cube design were used as backdrops for the spectacular scenes. Even the Glacier Road and especially the 1.8 km long tunnel Rosi-Mittermaier were opened exclusively for filming in winter. The scenes, starring Daniel Craig, Bond-Girl Léa Seydoux and Mr. Hinx Dave Bautista, were shot in January under strict safety regulations. In the following weeks scenes with stuntmen followed and after about three weeks of shooting time the fast car rides and shootings in front of the white mountain scenery were in the box.


Beside Sölden also the contemplative municipality Obertilliach in East Tyrol became the scene of James Bond pictures. The film crew arrived there with artificial snow, a sports plane and a wooden house from Styria. For the elaborate shooting a wooden house in Styria had been dismantled and rebuilt especially for the scenes at the upper edge of a slope in the skiing area Golzentipp. A total of four different locations in Obertilliach were used for "Spectre". The leading actor Daniel Craig was personally on location for three days. In addition to the rebuilt wooden house, which Obertilliach's residents only called a "Bond House", the listed town centre also served as a film backdrop. Artificial snow was used to create a particularly wintry backdrop. In addition, the film was shot directly on the slope, for which the ski lift was closed for two days. Particularly spectacular are the shots from a forest near the skiing area Golzentipp, where a sports plane was chased through. In general, the preparatory work for the shooting was very complex, which is why it began already in September 2014.


Altaussee was also chosen in 2015 as the backdrop for the James Bond film "Spectre". However, the shooting was comparatively quieter as there were no riots or explosions. Here at the beautiful Altausseer lake a pure play scene was shot. In January 2015 the tranquil Altaussee was transformed into the film location of "Spectre". The Altausseer lake was quickly declared a restricted zone, as the production team with several hundred employees and numerous trucks arrived. The main film shoots took place directly on the deep winter lake and the lake meadow at the rear end of the Altausseer lake. There a scene was shot which was decisive for the plot of the film. James Bond takes a boat, a so-called Plätte, to the hunting lodge at Altausseer lake. In the hut he encounters Mr. White, a former member of Quantum.

Hotel tip at Altausseer lake

Even though the Romantik Hotel Seevilla can not be seen directly in the movie, the Seevilla still plays a big role, as the view from the hotel is the backdrop of the movie. In addition, the Romantik Hotel hosted the stars of the James Bond film for the duration of the shooting and the leading actor Daniel Craig himself was a guest for two days in the idyllic hotel on the shore of Lake Altaussee. Due to the high level of secrecy regarding the film content, the scenes filmed and the famous hotel guests, the Seevilla became a kind of high-security wing for this period. Fans and curious onlookers besieged the hotel during these days to catch a glimpse of the coveted guests. Also for the hotel employees the shooting was an exceptional situation and at the same time a very exciting experience to welcome James Bond actor Daniel Craig personally in the hotel.

You can also experience James Bond feeling in the Romantik Hotel Seevilla at the Altausseer See and admire the breath-taking film scenery of the film "Spectre". The 4-star Superior Romantik Hotel offers its guests a relaxing stay thanks to its own bathing beach and wellness area and is an ideal starting point for the various activities in the surrounding area. The hotel offers breakfast on the Plätte as a highlight. The Plätte is a traditional wooden boat, which is also used in the James Bond film "Spectre". Directly on the Altausseer lake guests can enjoy a unique champagne breakfast in the heart of nature.