Kultur pur im charmanten Gent


Explore culture in charming Ghent

Culture as far as the eye can see: the Belgian port city in the north-west of the country inspires with its charm, culture, and warmth, just an hour's drive from the capital Brussels. Stroll along the canals and alleyways and explore the medieval city centre, the Graslei and Korenlei and the famous Count's Castle.
Tips for a successful stay


After dark, Ghent is transformed into a city full of light art. According to the Ghent Lighting Plan developed back in 1998, the city centre of Ghent becomes a magical evening landscape in the interplay of shadow and light. The aim of the lighting plan is the sustainable lighting of the city and the responsible use of energy. The result of this idea is that every evening, architectural accents, streets, monuments, and squares are aesthetically illuminated, thus showing the city from a particularly beautiful side. On the so-called light walk, you will discover the city on a two-hour tour of around five kilometres and explore the highlights of Ghent by night.


Whether modern art or old Dutch painting, in Ghent you will find both. The city harmoniously combines contemporary vitality with modern creativity. In the S.M.A.K., art lovers discover contemporary art that is both international and national. In the Museum of Fine Arts you will find a great variety of old masters and modernists. In the Design Museum Ghent, on the other hand, you will discover design works from Art Nouveau to contemporary design trends.


Gent's centuries-old history is best explored in the popular district of Patershol - the Ghent Culinary Centre. The nostalgic atmosphere of the quarter and the medieval influences provide an unforgettable insight into the history of the city. Architecture and art are as much in evidence here as the cosy bars and historic pubs along picturesque streets.


Along the boulevards Gras- and Korenlei in the heart of the city, the beautiful gabled houses on both riverbanks reflect the historical charm of Ghent. Lavishly restored facades give an insight into the past, such as the former grain knife in the Cooremetershuys or the impressive, stepped gable of the old 13th century granary. Ships have been docking at the Gras- und Korenlei since the 11th century and even today this original charm can still be enjoyed ideally from a café.


The Ghent Sunday markets are the perfect place for gourmets and explorer. Try local and fresh products and discover original souvenirs. The flower market on the Kouter invites you to linger: This is where Ghent's inhabitants have a brunch or treat themselves to an aperitif. The book market in the Ajuinlei, on the other hand, offers a wide selection of literature. For treasure hunters, the Bij Sint-Jacobs flea market is the place to be, and the craftsmen's market is the place to immerse yourself in the history of Ghent's craftsmanship from times long past.

The Gravensteen Castle is one of the city's most important landmarks and looks back on a very eventful history, which is also linked to the complex political and social history of the city. The castle is the only surviving medieval moated castle in Flanders with an almost completely intact defence system. A visit to the castle introduces you to the knightly culture of the 12th century and shows you life at that time and, among other things, a unique collection of torture instruments.

Hotel Tip:

The exclusive Romantik B&B The Verhaegen awaits you within the historic walls of an 18th century manor house. There you will stay in lovingly and luxuriously furnished guest rooms, which have been lavishly restored with a lot of skill by the two hosts and at the same time interior designers, thus reflecting the original character of the house. The elegant dining room, the magnificent living room and the nostalgic garden in the courtyard are also ideal for a very special break in the heart of the city.