Das perfekte Weihnachtsmenü


The perfect Christmas menu

Year after year, the Christmas season invites you to feast extensively. At the beginning of Advent, the delicious scent of roasted almonds and mulled wine is in the air and a variety of specialities can be discovered at Christmas markets. For many, their own Christmas meal at home with their loved ones is the highlight of Christmas. Here the culinary delights and the shared time are paramount. Are you still looking for new delicacies to delight your guests? Romantik has put together the perfect Christmas menu for you. On the Romantik Instagram Channel you will also discover other fantastic recipes from Romantik chefs that will turn your Christmas into a very special moment of pleasure. 

Starter: Advent sweet potato soup with fried shrimp

The Romantik Christmas menu begins classically with a delicious soup, which can also be prepared in just a few simple steps. The Romantik Berghotel Astenkrone prepared the recipe for an Advent sweet potato soup with fried shrimp.

Ingredients for 4 people

1 large sweet potato | 150 g Cilena potatoes | 10 g gingerbread spice | some vanilla pulp | 1 small onion | 1 l beef stock | 250 ml cream | 50 g spice specula | salt | pepper | sugar | some balsamic vinegar | 4 king prawns | a branch each of rosemary and thyme

First, sweet potatoes and Cilena are peeled and cut into slices. Then sweat the onion in a saucepan until glassy, add the potatoes and leave to steep. Then season with salt, pepper, sugar and gingerbread spice. Now the beef stock can be added and everything is slowly cooked.

Once the potatoes are almost cooked, add the cream while continuing to boil. Then finely crumble the spiced specula. Add part of the speculoos to the soup and put the rest aside. Puree the soup finely in a blender and pass through a sieve. At the end season the soup again with some balsamic vinegar and the spices.

Finally, sauté the king prawns in a pan with a little olive oil, add the rosemary and thyme and season with a little pepper and specula crumbs. Arrange the soup in a plate or bowl, place the shrimp on a wooden skewer and lay out. Finally, garnish with a little thyme and crumbs of Spekulatius.

Main course: Pink roasted duck breast in port wine jus

The main course from the Romantik Hotel Achterdiek is a fine holiday dish and a real culinary delight. The festive dish can be prepared in just 60 minutes and is therefore ideal for a Christmas menu.

Ingredients for 6 people:

6 female duck breasts à 180 - 200 g | 1/2 l Veal or poultry jus (homemade or from the glass) | 1 tablespoon sugar | 1/8 l port wine | 1 teaspoon starch | 1 small head Savoy cabbage | 1 tablespoon vegetable oil | 1 shallot | 1 tablespoon soy sauce | 1/2 pod mild chili | 1 small Hokkaido pumpkin | 2 tablespoons olive oil | madras curry | lemon grated | thyme | rosemary | cumin | salt | 1-2 beetroot tubers | 1 l rapeseed oil for frying | 50 g buckwheat | 1 teaspoon sugar

Remove excess skin and fat from the duck breasts, separate the tendons, cut the skin into checks but without damaging the breast, then salt from both sides and fry well on both sides in a preheated frying pan. Then put aside on a grill.

For the sauce, first caramelise the sugar, deglaze with port wine and reduce to 1/6, then top up with veal or poultry jus, reduce again and remove with a little mixed starch and season to taste if necessary.
In the next step, divide the savoy cabbage and cut into coarse diamonds, finely dice the shallot. In a wok or a frying pan first sauté the shallot in vegetable oil, add the savoy cabbage, sauté vigorously, reduce heat and deglaze with soy sauce. Then finely chop the chilli and add salt to taste.

Then peel the beetroot tubers, cut into even slices on a slicer and fry in 170°C hot vegetable fat and salt shortly before serving.

Caramelise the sugar in a small saucepan, stir in the buckwheat, place on baking paper and leave to cool. If everything should stick together, simply chop it lightly with a knife.

Cut the pumpkin with peel into half slices, marinate in a bowl with oil and spices, place on a baking tray with baking paper and cook at 170°C for about 10 minutes. At the end of the time, reduce the temperature to 150°C, put the duck breasts in the oven and bring to 52°C core temperature (lasts about 6-10 minutes) and let rest for another 3 minutes.

Finally, arrange everything on preheated plates, the sauce and the sliced duck breast should be served last.

Dessert: Tonka pot mousse on blood orange Sugo

For the crowning finale of the delicious Christmas menu, a fancy dessert is of course a must. The Romantik Hotel Alte Münze has the ideal recipe ready.

Ingredients for 4 persons:

4 blood oranges preferably Moro (organic) | 2cl Grenadine Syrup | 10 gr. cane sugar (organic) | 10 gr. corn flour | 200 gr. cream quark | 50 gr. yoghurt | 1/4 tonka bean, grated | 40 gr. cane sugar (organic) | 50 ml orange juice, freshly squeezed | 1 1/2 Gelatine leaf

First fillet 2 blood oranges over a bowl and keep the juice. Peel 1 orange very thinly and cut the peel into fine zests. Boil the zest in ¼ litres of water, drain and rinse with cold water. Bring the Grenadine syrup to the boil, add the zest and leave to stand for 30 minutes. Add the orange juice with the sugar and bring to the boil again. Then mix the corn flour with some cold water and stir into the boiling orange juice to bind it. Carefully mix the orange fillets with it and spread them on 4 bowls and keep cold. Important: The orange ragout must have cooled before the mousse is placed over it.

For the Tonka pot mousse, soak the gelatine in cold water and squeeze it out. Mix the cream quark with yoghurt and the grated tonka bean in a bowl until smooth. Then heat the freshly squeezed orange juice with sugar and dissolve the soaked gelatine in it. Then add some of the curd cheese mixture and mix everything with the whole curd cheese mixture. Beat the cream until stiff and fold into the curd mixture. Spread the mousse on the cold blood orange ragout and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Good appetite and enjoyable holidays wish you the Romantik Hotels & Restaurants!