4 Tipps für eine schöne Osterdekoration


3 tips for a beautiful Easter decoration

This year we are faced with the challenge of not being able to celebrate Easter with the whole family in person as usual or to enjoy a delicious Easter menu in the restaurant. Therefore these 3 decoration tips will help you to make your Easter days at home cosy and festive. With a colourful and cheerful decoration, every apartment will get a spring-like charm and turn into a friendly nest.

Tip 1: Fresh flowers

Provide with fresh flowers a colourful variety in your home. Whether cut flowers like tulips and daffodils in a beautiful vase or small forget-me-nots and violets in a flowerpot - flowers are perfect for your Easter decoration at the table and also in the living room.

Tip 2: Easter shrub

The Easter shrub is an old custom for many and is considered a symbol of fertility and of springtime triumphing over cold and blossoming life. In addition to the classic Easter shrub in the home, shrubs and small trees in the garden are also often decorated. For the DIY Easter shrub in the house a few hand movements are enough. During a walk in the woods or in your own garden, birch and cherry twigs or willow catkins and forsythia are cut off and then placed in a vase. Afterwards the self-decorated Easter eggs can be provided with a short ribbon and hung on the branches.

Tip 3: Table decoration

In addition to Easter napkins, conventional cloth napkins can also create a real Easter atmosphere at the table in just a few steps. Simply fold your cloth napkins as Easter bunnies. You can find instructions including pictures for imitation here. Besides napkins in the shape of a rabbit, homemade napkin rings with Easter motifs are also wonderfully suitable. For this draw Easter bunnies or butterflies and flowers on clay paper and cut out. Online templates help here for particularly precise shapes. Then attach jute yarn or any ribbon with 2 holes on the sides of the motif and tie around the napkin.