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Switzerland: Hotels with that certain something

Your Switzerland holidays will let you reach high levels – and that does not only include the mountains. Hotels in Switzerland are also known for being the very top of the world. Whether it is in cities like Bern, Geneva and Zurich or in the classic holiday destinations of Gstaad, Klosters and Zermatt: Everywhere, the guest and his well-being are the centre of attention. This creates the right atmosphere to savour the scenic, cultural and culinary attractions of the Swiss Confederation in the best possible way.

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Start your day at your hotel in Switzerland with a Bircher muesli with fresh fruit! This refreshment will make you adventurous. Originally, the nutritious dish consisting of flakes, nuts and fruits was served for dinner, by the way. Nowadays, other classic dishes of the Swiss Confederation such as Zurich ragout with hash browns or the convivial cheese fondue are dominating the dinner table. In between meals, natives as well as tourists equally enjoy carrot cake, meringue and Zuger cherry cake. The “cherry“ refers to the generous portion of kirschwasser used with the cake, you won't find any actual fruits in it. Trips to the culinary world are a good reason for a short getaway to Switzerland, too. Just book your stay at a Swiss romantic hotel & restaurant for a long weekend and look forward to the many award-winning chefs who often treat their guests to international specialties as well as regional cuisine. Naturally, the finest wines from regions all over the world are being served alongside. Some caterers may even serve Swiss wines – even though the country isn't exactly known for being among the best in this regard.

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Many hotels in Switzerland also win over tourists through offers of wellness and their exceptional locations. At winter sports destinations like Arosa, Zermatt, Chur, Lenzerheide or Prince Charles' favourite destination Klosters, hotels allow you to directly reach the piste – or the hiking trail in summertime. Matterhorn and Jungfraujoch, Lucerne's nearby mountain Pilatus, around 140 glaciers and the numerous big and small picturesque lakes are some of the many reasons, why you should (re)discover Switzerland.

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