Venissa is the perfect example of a “walled vineyard".

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Restaurant Venissa of the Romantik Hotel Venissa Wine Resort
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Francesco Brutto & Chiara Pavan
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Osteria des Romantik Hotel Venissa Wine Resort
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Restaurantterrasse des Romantik Hotel Venissa Wine Resort
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Genießen im Romantik Hotel Venissa Wine Resort
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Dinner in den Weinbergen des Romantik Hotel Venissa Wine Resort RoHo Venissa
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Restaurantterrasse des Romantik Hotel Venissa Wine Resort
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Culinary at the Romantik Hotel Venissa Wine Resort

Venissa – Il Ristorante

Venissa came to life thanks to the foresight and intuition of Gianluca Bisol, who, in restoring a wine variety that had altogether disappeared from Native Venice, created a Wine Resort. In just a few years, Venissa has become a reference point for lovers of great food and wine.

The restaurant opened in 2010 and was awarded its Michelin star in 2012. It has always distinguished itself for the avant-garde cuisine it offers in the Venetian Lagoon, where young emerging chefs are free to interpret and highlight the abundance of local ingredients. Since 2017, Venissa’s kitchen has been in the hands of Francesco Brutto and Chiara Pavan, who strive to make innovative cuisine without being afraid to take risks. The incredibly talented Franceso Brutto is considered one of the most promising chefs in Italy and was named Best Young Italian Chef by the renowned Guida dell’Espresso. Francesco is accompanied in the kitchen by Chiara Pavan, who shares Francesco’s philosophy of paying great attention to wild herbs and local ingredients.

Venissa’s Managing Director, Matteo Bisol, says, “We’re thrilled to offer this kind of avat-garde cuisine involving the most talented chefs in Italy. It’s amazing to watch Chiara and Francesco give new life to local ingredients with new and innovative pairings that demonstrate a harmonious and sensitive approach.”

Osteria Contemporanea

The lagoon and Native Venice have become a destination for gourmands from all over the world, and its culinary offering is becoming increasingly sought after and renowned. Traditional lagoon dishes are the highlight at Venissa’s Osteria Contemporanea, where Franceso Brutto’s talent is evident in uniqiue preparations and presentations only found at Venissa.

Gianluca Bisol explains, “We want to offer food that unites tradition and innovation in a unique place where you can forget the craziness and chaos of the city for a moment and lose yourself in the peace and quiet of the lagoon.”

The culinary offerings of the Osteria Contemporanea are accomapanied by an equally interesting wine list that is the result of careful research into “courageous” wines and producers.

  • Michelin Stars


First-class cuisine with top-quality regional produce and exceptional creations that meet the highest standards.