The Sonnengarten spa area with its wide range of treatments and facilities is a revitalising, delightful place, while the Chesa Schneider restaurant is known for its local and international specialities.

Price from 84 EUR

Packages & Specials
Indoor pool of the wellness area "Sonnengarten"
Indoor pool of the wellness area "Sonnengarten"
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Hindelanger Kräuterbadl
Hindelanger Kräuterbadl
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Wellness and relaxation at the Romantik Hotel Sonne

Treat yourself to a Hindelang countryside herbal bath in a wooden tub with our own ancient blend of mountain herbs and aromatherapy oils before heading for the relaxation "stable".

  • Alpine steam-heated thermal pouch
  • Whirlpool for two
  • "Dorn-Breuss" joint therapy
  • Hay-covered four-poster bed
  • Souvenir photo of countryside herbal bath

Cosmetics: Goldflower, Maurice Mességué, Plantobell

Our spa facilities

  • Indoor pool
  • Various saunas
  • Relaxation rooms
  • Wellness treatments