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Meiningen Theatre in the evening
Meiningen Theatre in the evening
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Castle Elisabetenburg
Castle Elisabetenburg
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Meiningen Theatre
Meiningen Theatre
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Ambience at the Romantik Hotel Sächsischer Hof

The theatre town of Meiningen

Meiningen was first documented as far back as 892. Architectural finds indicate that the first stone church building was erected on the site of the present-day parish church in around 1000. Meiningen is named as a town in a document dating from 1230.

In around 1550, the emergence of an efficient decentralised goods production and organised sales system in the wool, linen and fustian weaving industries led to increased trade.

In 1880, Meiningen became the capital of a duchy. Influenced by Dessau-Wörlitz, the English Garden was created in 1782, one of the earliest gardens in this style. The Hoftheater zu Meiningen opened in 1831. A huge fire destroyed large parts of the Old Town in 1874.

The Meiningen theatre ensemble toured Europe from 1874-1890 and succeeded in spreading a reform in the art of acting. The first Meiningen theatre building burned down in 1908. After a year of construction work, the Neue Theater opened. Meiningen became part of the State of Thuringia in 1920. The town of Meiningen opened the Bach anniversary year 2000.


- Meiningen Industrial Exhibition
- Meiningen Theatre Bühnenball
- Meiningen Theatre Festival
- Töpfemarktfest (Hütesfest) festival
- Meiningen Theatre Summer Festival
- Meiningen Castle Night
- Cabaret Festival
- Literature Festival
- Christmas Market

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