The carefully selected furnishings radiate discreet luxury. As the first five-star hotel in Europe, this spa hotel is aimed exclusively at couples.

Price from 180 EUR

Packages & Specials

Rooms at Romantik Hotel Bergergut

  • Engels Suite

    If angels travelled... with this maxim in mind, immerse yourself in the realm of the Romantik Hotel Bergergut! Contemporary comfort in a wonderful symbiosis with a fairy-tale realm of angels and mythical creatures, with the highlight being the headboard created by artist Gerry Mader! With its own coffee bar and mini-bar.

    From EUR 330 / per night Book

  • Love Suite

    All the signs point to love here! From lifestyle to the contemporary design, the sophisticated feel and a hint of luxury create a very special oasis of love and togetherness!
    The suite is available in various, individual designs. With its own coffee bar and mini-bar.

    From EUR 320 / per night Book

  • Kuschel Suite

    Small is beautiful! When love really invites you to relax, it is to enjoy that comforting softness! Our re-designed Kuschel Suite awaits with its wonderful design, sophisticated materials and superb style elements! With freestanding bath, its own coffee and mini-bar, box spring bed.

    From EUR 185 / per night Book

  • Himmels Suite

    Experience heaven on earth and be lifted to seventh heaven! Welcome to the paradisiacal realm of
    love and sensations! Sophisticated materials, colours, embellishments and playful designs, including a four-poster bed characterise this well-being oasis of togetherness. With its own coffee bar and mini-bar.

    From EUR 190 / per night Book

  • Alm Romantik Suite

    Back to the Future. The lived history of old wood and modern fabrics conjure up sustainability and a touch of eternity into your moments of togetherness. Our ambition: shaping to feel good. Design to stay. With its own coffee and minibar.

    From EUR 180 / per night Book

  • Romantik Suite

    Luxury coupled with that all-embracing feeling of well-being. Experience the feel of being in a dreamy and wonderful ambience! With Fire TV (exclusive fireplace), freestanding bath, and own coffee and

    From EUR 210 / per night Book

  • Luxus Suite

    Time is the new luxury. Time for couples, to be together and there for one another! On top of Romantik Hotel Bergergut, a very special luxury awaits, providing its own unique moments – lounge area in the arcade, a wonderful four-poster bed and a French balcony. Count the stars together from the whirlpool! Sophisticated materials, soft colours, embellishments and playful designs - features in this luxurious oasis of letting go. With its own coffee bar and mini-bar.

    From EUR 235 / per night Book

  • Traum Suite

    The destination of your dreams – a circular, bed whisks you away to an ambience as you might find in 1001 nights. Superb materials, sophisticated colours and a sensual style let you experience fairy-tale moments for eternity! With free-standing bath tub, cosy couch and its own coffee bar and mini-bar.

    From EUR 450 / per night Book

  • Penthouse Suite

    No stone left unturned? Discover the seductive luxuriousness of contemporary design and a sparkling ambience! Extensive sleeping and lounge area spanning 160 sq m, room bar, infrared cabin, whirl
    pool, fitness area, fire TV, cosy couch and sun terrace and its own coffee and mini-bar.

    From EUR 360 / per night Book

  • Alm Romantik Room

    Where the authentic is still pure. Rooms which give the gift of time and where unique moments come about. Antique wood, left behind by passing time. Warm materials which embrace the moment. Soft furs which embrace the soul. With its own coffee bar and mini-bar.

    From EUR 270 / per night Book