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Netherlands – Hotels at their finest

Anyone who has been a guest of our friendly neighbours before, will gladly return for a visit to the Netherlands and its hotels – in addition to the exciting, vibrant big cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, it's the numerous smaller towns and the open-minded, tolerant lifestyle of the Dutch that make every journey a special adventure. The mid-sized and small cities allow many insights into the lively mentality and culture of their inhabitants as the Dutch are known to be very sociable for a reason. But what does “Dutch” even mean? If you explore the different provinces of the country, you'll be surprised how different for example Holland, Brabant, Gelderland and Limburg are from each other. One thing, however, is very similar in all of these places: Hotels in the Netherlands are very cosy and hospitable, quite tidy and are being managed with care. Just see for yourself and book a nice, individual romantic hotel & restaurant for your next Netherlands holidays right here. It's good to know that the Dutch themselves are very demanding tourists in their own country: That is why in the Netherlands the hotels are all comfortable, service-oriented, oftentimes have a unique style – and also treat their guests to culinary delights.

The Netherlands – Country of diversity

During your holidays in the Netherlands you can relax perfectly and experience new things at the same time: The country is small, the distances between interesting places are short. But do not plan with too many stations, especially if you're only in the Netherlands for a short trip – there are countless idyllic towns and villages to explore, restaurants to try out and, because the country is excellently built for bicycle traffic, this sustainable way of transport is almost a must. Deceleration is big over here. Traveling with open eyes will not only let you experience charming moments put of the everyday life of the people, but it also grants you insights into different cultures working and living together. The seafaring nation and colonial power of the Netherlands nowadays is characterized by foreign ethnicities and cultures. This is why you will make particularly many explorations while eating because you will be offered exotic dishes alongside the regional cuisine even in the rural areas.

Hotels of the Netherlands – Book hospitality

The open-mindedness and cordiality of the Dutch will affect every visitor and even someone who is in the country for the first time will quickly get the feeling of having come home. In the Netherlands, our romantic hotels & restaurants are also ambassadors for the country's culture and the open way of working and living together – regardless, whether it is a longer tour or a short trip.

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