Romantik Hotels - Luxemburg

Romantik Hotels - Luxembourg

Luxembourg, here we come – romantic Hotels in Luxembourg are waiting for you

Luxembourg, the small duchy surrounded by Germany, France and Belgium, is often overlooked by tourists. Its diverse landscapes, picturesque towns, nature parks and the multicultural capital make Luxembourg holidays worthwhile! With a stay in a Hotel in Luxembourg, you’re booking cordial hospitality and extensive comfort, as well. With not quite 2,600 square kilometres, Luxembourg is the second smallest country in the European Union after Malta. In the media, it’s mostly known as the seat of the European Court of Justice, the European Court of Auditors and other administrative divisions of the EU. Moreover, Luxembourg fascinates its visitors with an amazingly diverse landscape and culture in a rather confined space.

Vibrant metropolis, idyllic landscapes

Naturally, modern buildings, too, leave their mark on the skyline of the capital. Many of the 100,000 inhabitants, however, live in rather peaceful neighbourhoods. Visitors can take in a lot of history here – as they do in the small rural towns of the country: The “Grand-Duché de Luxembourg“, which is how it is called officially, is the last of the twelve former European Grand Duchies and to this day is still a constitutional monarchy. Many architectural designs still show signs of the Middle Ages and of the 17th and 18th century. Holidays in Luxembourg can be organised in various ways: With the Ardennes in the North – the Luxembourgian valley of “Ösing” is thickly wooded and crisscrossed by deep river valleys – and the flat and agricultural “Gutland” which is part of Lorraine in the South, the small country proves to possess a highly diverse geography. Explore the raw wilderness, idyllic nature parks and the lovely wine-growing areas by the Moselle or the historical testimonia left of mining and coal and steel industry. Our Hotels in Luxembourg in the heart of the Luxembourgian Swiss provide you with culinary delights and high-quality spa treatments – book your romantic hotel & restaurant right here!

Hotels in Luxembourg – Perfect for taking some time out

On Luxembourg holidays, it is easy to mingle with the friendly inhabitants and experience some of bustle of their daily routines. In the country towns, life is still a bit slower and it’s fun to listen to the people talking vividly in the Luxembourgish language “Lëtzebuergesch” – which is a mix of Moselle Franconian and French – in the stores and on the markets. Even if you can take only a little time out: A short trip to Luxembourg, too, is always worth the while bringing intense experiences, cultural diversity and a regional cuisine that is a pure pleasure. Book your Hotel in Luxembourg right here!

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