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Italy – a longed-for destination of the Germans right behind the Alpine passes: The last foothills of the mountains give way to plains flooded in light and filled with testimonia of ancient cultures, industrious small towns and the big urban centres like Milan or Rome. Just as legendary are cities such as Florence, Venice, Padua, Naples and Palermo. There is always a whole lot of landscape, sun and holiday atmosphere to be taken in. Appropriately enough, our romantic hotels & restaurants in Italy offer a wide range of excellent accommodations for their guests – from small and sweet to regional and rustic to stylishly historical. Make your Italy holidays a discovery journey – and do not only explore the sunny southern Italy of islands and beaches, but also the gentle side of Italy: the wonderfully mountainous northern regions in South Tyrol. Visit the classical places and picturesque landscapes of Umbria around Rome. Or enjoy the colourful cultural variety of Milan, the unique architecture of Venice or the historic Florence, home of the Medici family, Michelangelo and Galileo Galilei.

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Whichever you choose, one thing we know for sure: You will have no difficulties at all in finding stylish and comfortable accommodations. Often, our hotels in Italy have been family-run houses for years that still value genuine hospitality. Here, you can expect that, where it concerns good hospitality, everything is done to spoil you rotten for the time of your stay. If you stay at a particularly beautiful location with an individual character, an essential condition for unforgettable Italy holidays has already been fulfilled. You best book your unique Italian hotel right here!

Summer and winter, holiday and short trip

Italy – it makes us think of summer, sun, beaches. However, the country has other fascinating sides as well: Why not go to South Tyrol for a winter experience? Whether you explore the slopes on skies or you pull the children on their sledge during a walk through the snow – here you can find the right mixture of activity and relaxation. And is there anything better than returning to the hotel after an eventful day and feeling as snug as a bug in a rug? Excellent cuisine, attentive service, cosy hours in front of the fireplace or at the hotel bar, a wellness session – only one question comes to mind: When do we come back? Since the country is easy to reach, there is always an opportunity to fit in the next great short trip to Italy. Maybe a weekend in Florence? A few enchanting days in Venice? A week of fitness in the mountains? Everything at once would be best – Italy’s most beautiful romantic hotels & restaurants are waiting for you. Book your hotel in Italy right now!

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