A romantic trip for some time together

Say goodbye to the stresses of everyday life – and welcome in some time together! Is there anything more beautiful than escaping the usual daily routine together and making space for feelings? Leave behind all the big and little things we like to care about, and clear your schedule for a special atmosphere for a couple of days. Take time for feelings, time for romance, and time for intimate togetherness – and what could be better for this than your private romantic trip?

Escape the daily routine with a romantic trip

Surprise your partner by celebrating how long you have known each other, your name day or your wedding anniversary on a romantic trip! Maybe there’s a special occasion or you just want to get away for a bit and because of you just feel like it. Swap your familiar everyday life for a few days of surprises, full of time for romantic getaways, for conversations, walking arm in arm, delicious food, and spoiling yourself. Take your time for the bare essentials, namely the person at your side.

And where better to enjoy some time together and intimacy in a hotel made for it? Our Romantic Hotels & Restaurants are perfectly suited to get you in a romantic mood from your arrival and to keep the slightest things from bothering you. Book your hotel now for the most romantic days of the year!

Time for two – time for a romantic trip

It is not important how long your romantic getaways lasts and where it will lead you. No matter whether it by a lake, in the mountains, in a small town or in a city, you can find what makes your specific trip to a special experience, namely enough time for romance, everywhere! Long walks at the seaside, a beautiful hiking trip for two, getting to know new and perfectly cooked culinary regional pleasures, an original wine tasting at a winery, a stroll through historic streets, visiting the opera house, a theater, or musical. And as a base, as a framework for these extraordinary experiences, you have your romantic hotel, which has hosts who do everything to make your romantic trip as special as possible – with cordial hospitality, obliging service, small surprise gifts, carefully arranged breakfast, relaxation in the spa area and above all a lot of privacy.

Your individual romantic trip with a lot of time together and intimacy will be undoubtedly one of your highlights of the year!

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