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Family & friends

Family holidays: Time spent together and relaxation for adults and kids

Wake up in the morning – and it’s time for family holidays, not work: playing with the children, taking part in exciting activities, enjoying nature and doing sports. Eating together in the evening, playing a game or reading aloud… these sound like holiday family activities. Is there anything better than having a few free days or spending holiday time together? Taking time for family, time for friends? With us you will find the appropriate Romantic Hotel & Restaurant for a break with your loved ones.

Familiy holidays: All signs point to family

Time for family is often overlooked in everyday life – fortunately it is the opposite once on holiday. So, pack your bags (don’t forget teddy!) and the holiday family fun can begin! Especially in child-friendly accommodation, families feel comfortable because there are lots of different activities on offer. There is a strong community spirit, but both adults and children can do something on their own, as well. A huge number of hotels are aimed at families – and they offer several activities for children so that the parents can have some time together during their family holidays.

Many Romantic Hotels & Restaurants are situated in beautiful surroundings, which provide various possibilities for activities in the open air. How about swimming together, exploring the local area by bike or trying out a new sport? Regional museums also cater for families and offer several activities which adults and children can take part in. The hosts of your hotel love to give hints for delightful excursions that appeal to everyone of the family –and your family holidays will be an unforgettable experience for all.

Community experiences with friends on vacation

Even if you do not have children, you can indulge yourself in wonderful holidays – treat yourself to time for friends. Stay in group or with your best friends in a chic hotel. Women would love to spend the day by doing some activities together, going to the sauna after that, having a delicious dinner in the evening, sitting together and tasting a regional wine, or chatting with each other – whilst men can turn into boys again racing each other on bikes during a day out, doing pullups in the woods, trying to tee-off the furthest on the golf course or measuring their strength against each other in the gym. Making some time for friends and family and spending wonderful hours and days together ensures unforgettable experiences and moments, like those on family holidays. Book holidays for you and your loved ones here.

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