Broaden one’s horizon on a culture trip

Setting out for new shores – what lured adventurers and discoverers in earlier centuries into the distance is capable to fascinate even today: many culture lovers like to go on exploration tours and undertake a culture trip. Driving to a musical in the metropolis, following the traces of a poet, musician or painter, viewing architecture and styles of past epochs or modern times, visiting a major exhibition: the spectrum of possibilities is vast.

Booking the right hotel for a culture trip

Our Romantic Hotels & Restaurants are excellently qualified as locations and starting points, if one wants to embark on some educational travel. Visiting the workplaces and homes of Goethe and Schiller in Weimar by day or experiencing the newest musicals in Hamburg and then eating tasty food at the hotel and being pampered by night? Viewing a major art exhibition in Berlin with items on loan from all over the world and then delving into the catalogue in your hotel room? Or, when in a historically interesting region, going from your comfortable hotel to the surrounding historical locations, visiting museums, wandering through alleys where the spirit of eras gone by is still noticeable – and then allowing the images sink in at the hotel… The possibilities for educational travel are truly endless! The Romantic Hotels & Restaurants are smaller owner-managed houses with a lot of tradition. The most modern comforts and the hospitality of the hotelier ensure a very pleasant stay. The excellent in-house gastronomy and the, in many cases, location in beautiful areas contribute significantly to the quality. Thus, your culture trip becomes an all-round special experience.

Experience the culture first hand

There are virtually no limits to the possibilities for a culture trip – and one can, literally, cross borders in a very nice way. You want to brush up on a language or test newly learned language skills? By spending time on the culture of a country or by speaking with native speakers you will combine your educational travel with language training – thus, killing two birds with one stone. Book your hotel for a culture trip right here.

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