Romantik Restaurant Altes Gericht

Family Benner
Taverneweg 1
AT-6832 Sulz
Tel: +43 (5522) 43111
Fax: +43 (5522) 431116

Enjoy the Romantik way - In the morning freshly baked bread, in the evening a gourmet meal. Today regional specialities, tomorrow culinary highlights. Creativity on your plate, presented in a contemporary manner - this belongs as much to Romantik culinary table culture as the appropriate wine.

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Where the kitchen has remained the heart of the house and the door is always open to visitors. When Helmut Benner welcomes guests to his "Altes Gericht", an establishment with its roots in the 13th century, they sometimes forget why they have come. Maybe it's because of the rich history of the "Altes Gericht", a listed building, or could it be the many stories that surround this venerable old house, or maybe it's the culinary delights and fine wines that have made the "Altes Gericht" an address well worth visiting.


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