Romantik Parkhotel Het Gulpdal

Family Huls
Dorpsstraat 40
NL-6277 Slenaken
Tel: +31 (43) 4573315
Fax: +31 (43) 4573316

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The Parkhotel Het Gulpdal is located in the characteristic village of Slenaken, far removed from the rat race of urban life. Peace, space and privacy embrace elegance, style and warm hospitality. A perfect atmosphere in which to enjoy culinary specialities created by us in a kitchen with an excellently reputation. Our comfortable rooms and suites are stylishly and luxuriously decorated. A stay at the Het Gulpdal means a sojourn in another world, a world free of stress and appointments. Anyone who has stayed here once is sure to return again and again. The Huls family and our team will be delighted to make your acquaintance!

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from 88 EUR
24 rooms


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