Romantik Hotel Zur Sonne

Family Nora and Michael Esposito
Moltke Straße 4-5
DE-79410 Badenweiler
Tel: +49 (7632) 75080
Fax: +49 (7632) 750865

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Dating back over a hundred years, the traditional Romantik Hotel zur Sonne in Badenweiler offers you warm, comfortable hospitality and everything you need for a relaxing and pleasant holiday. The Romans used to relax and recuperate in the healing springs 2000 years ago.

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The Romantik Hotel zur Sonne was erected in 1640 and offers you warm, comfortable hospitality and a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. The "Sonne" is centrally situated well away from the noise and bustle of the streets and only a short walk from the forest, park and unique Cassiopeia thermal spa. Excellent regional and Mediterranean cuisine delights gourmets and contributes to an inviting culinary experience. Mediterranean specialities, small but delicious snacks and fine Italian wines can be enjoyed in the Vinoteca & Trattoria "La Cantinella".

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from 78 EUR
from 132 EUR
35 rooms


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