Romantik Hotel Villa Giustinian

Family Berto
Via Giustiniani, 11
IT-31040 Portobuffolè
Tel: +39 (0422) 850244
Fax: +39 (0422) 850260

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Our tip

Every second Sunday of the month - with the exception of August - an antique market is held in the historical center of Portobuffolé. The market has been particularly popular for years, and welcomes a large number of visitors. It has more than 200 exhibitors from different regions of Italy specialized in antiques, old things, used and antique objects, comics, books, prints and collectables.

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The Venetian villa of the Doge Giustinian which was lovingly renovated and has regained the romantic atmosphere "alla Veneziana". The 8 large suites, festively bedecked with stucco work and frescoes, and 35 wonderful rooms, which are also equipped with all the best services, provide exceptional hospitality. The restaurant is famous for its highly ranked cuisine. The wine cellar boasts best Italian and foreign labels.

Prices & information

from 90 EUR
from 140 EUR
43 rooms


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