Romantik Hotel Stern

Adrian K. Müller
Adrian K. Müller
Reichsgasse 11
CH-7000 Chur
Tel: +41 (81) 2585757
Fax: +41 (81) 2585758

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Die Bergbahn Chur Brambrüesch gewährt im Sommer unseren Gästen 25% Rabatt auf alle Fahrten auf den Stadtberg Brambrüesch und im Winter auf alle Skipässe.

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This 300 year old inn combines all the comforts of home with Grisonian style and hospitality. Located in the holiday area of Grisons, the hotel is considered a real centre of regional culinary excellence. Those who enjoy the specialities of the Engadin or southern valleys of the canton are in for a treat here. And Chur is just the place for those who want to be but a stone's throw from the famous winter sport areas.

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64 rooms


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